crepe paper garlands using for decoration


How to make crepe paper garlands

Crepe paper garlands !! Joy and celebration !! Handmade home decores great for any festive occasion… I don’t get flowers to decorate so, I made these paper garlands

Courtesy: Alayna

garlands (1)

  1. Collect the different colors of crepe paper

garlands (2)

2. Sew a basic running stitch down on the center of the paper

garlands (3)

3. As you pull the String, also twist the crepe paper clockwise

garlands (4)

4. Continue the process

garlands (5) garlands (6)

Finally, you will design the paper as you want.

garlands (4) garlands (7)

You can also make it as a flower

garlands (3)organizer (5) organizer (2)

When you have a function at home, you can decorate your home with less cost

crepe paper garlands