How to make crown from cardboaord

Hello, friends! Today I come to you with a crown made of cardboard and decorated in the art-Pape Art Thani Sorokinoy.Diametr Crown-10cm, height-14cm.
For those who are interested, I tell you how I did it.


That’s what I ponadobilos.Vozduhovodnaya plastic-pipe is sold in stores plumbing, Melt, cardboard-I took a box of pizza, ruler, stationery knife, scissors, glue, varnish, paint, napkins for pasting and flagella.


Cut off from the pipe with a diameter of 5 cm piece of a height of 5.5 sm.Korona I have 7 teeth, carved from billet kartona.Skleila workpiece with a piece of pipe Melt.


Width cloves bottom-4.5 cm, height up to 5.5 cm-toe.


Then pasted shape pieces of napkins (I got the orange color is not important), PVA glue stroitelnym.Kogda harvesting dried up, but not quite, to give form to the teeth of the crown, it’s easy.


Acrylic paint the chocolate preparation, the tissue decorate flagella of different diameters, peas, chickpeas, watermelon seeds.


This is just the beginning of the process, the contour of chickpea paste, rather tedious process)))


Rezultat.Takoy That was my first blank after painting acrylic chocolate, then-gold-there are different shades of gold used, and finally covered with three layers of glossy varnish akrilatnogo.Forma keeps well after applying all of the above!


As we passed, pokrasuemsya!


That’s all, thank you Noob!


Thanks to everyone who comes to visit me! I’m waiting for you!

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