How to make cuckoo clock

cuckoo clock
Today, it’s the atmosphere back of the slopes on the blog: Mountain chalet, tartiflette and mulled wine. I suggest you revisit the traditional Swiss cuckoo clock and bring it a touch of modernity!
cuckoo clock
Far from the paneling and the chimney, this clock will be perfect in a child’s room.
To realize it, you will have to roll up your sleeves, because it is a complete DIY that I propose here. Between the paper toy and the Sunday tinkering, you will find different techniques to occupy yourself.
Equipment :
Foamboard, or 3mm thick foam cardboard A3 or more, which you will find in creative, fine arts or DIY stores.
From glue, a cutter
Sheets of colored paper
A classic quartz clock mechanism available in creative stores or by recycling a clock watch.
Print the 2 templates: the one for the paper bird and the one for the Swiss house
cuckoo clock
Starts with the Bird.
From the template printed on thick A4 paper, cut around the body and wings and fold along the dotted lines.
Put glue on the tabs and hold the whole.
cuckoo clock cuckoo clock
Once your bird is finished, prepare the house.
To do this, the different elements of the template are placed on the feather board: the roof, the sides, the front, the bottom and the perch of the bird. Cut them carefully to the cutter.
cuckoo clock
Place the circle on colored paper for the bottom of the needles.
Insert the center of the clock to place the mechanism on one side and the needles on the other. Glue the different walls of the house between them starting with the facade. Finished by the perch to insert at the window. For the finished, I came to add printed paper on the roof, tiles cut to the round punch and cut in half and masking tape all around the perch.
cuckoo clock
cuckoo clock
cuckoo clock
cuckoo clock
cuckoo clock
The bird will come to perch on high, and will proudly indicate the time. What more to love time passing!
courtesy: madame-citron

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