How to make cute hanger for children’s room

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Dear friends, we are pleased to offer you a master class on decoupage hangers-panel for the nursery.

To work required:

Harvesting of plywood, which consists of two ovals, larger and smaller sizes, three hooks, plates with holes for hanging on the wall, heart for alignment, print butterfly on an inkjet printer, acrylic paint, glossy acrylic lacquer, fototransfernoe means, brushes, stencils, Marbles and a good mood.


Getting started with a larger oval. Covered with white acrylic primer, after drying oshkurivaem surface.

мк по декупажу

In a chaotic manner applied by brush or sponge paint suitable for printing colors.

After drying oshkurivaem surface.


While the paint is still wet, cover the entire surface with cling film and bit her crushes.


Remove the tape, dry the surfaces and oshkurivaem.

A piece of the grid, in this case the sponge, turn, dipped in green paint and in some places do prints.

Sdeduet step give background haze and depth, this pearl acrylic cover, dry the cover and glossy varnish. Repeat this process three times.

Mix black paint with mother of pearl, cover the edge of the workpiece and hooks, after drying fasten them in place.

Getting to the top decoration, the smaller oval. On primed, and the dried surface oshkurennuyu putting a stencil with a right shift.

Screen brush or sponge inflict mixed with green pearl paint. Well dried and sdegka oshkurivaem.

We transfer the image of a butterfly using fototransernogo means Hobby Line FOTO TRANSFER POTCH layer is applied to the front portion of the image and on the basis of a scheduled picture. Do it quickly, the tool should not dry out!

Good walk pressing spatula or roller, expelling air bubbles. Surplus funds around the image to remove cloth. Dry 10 minutes gryachim hairdryer (then allow to cool) or at room temperature for about 24 hours.

Once dry, lightly moisten the top layer of the base paper and wait for it to razmoknet. Then remove the paper with your fingers in a circular motion. Colorful image layer will be based on

While wet image, cover glossy varnish.

Once dry, we put through a stencil pattern on the lower left part of the way that the pattern chst got on the wings.

It turns out, as if a butterfly flutters in a beautiful green thickets. After drying, causes 9-12 layers of gloss varnish with interlayer proshkurivaniem, every three layers.

Do sprayed green, thus increasing the effect of the thickets. Again we put 9-12 layers of lacquer.

Both parts of the skin and cover with three layers of lacquer finish. Then glue on both sides of the glue “Moment-crystal, transparent glue Marbles.

The reverse side of the stain, varnish, glue pad with a hole for hanging and heart.

Children’s hanger “Funny Butterfly” ready, thanks for the attention and success!

courtesy: liveinternet

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