How to make dahlia from pumpkin seeds


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How to make dahlia from pumpkin seeds

Hello! Enjoying the gifts of autumn, I decided to try to make a dahlia using with pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

We need the pumpkin seeds and the disc. The main thing is that the seeds are dry and without upper small plyonochku, and that will come unstuck. Glue everything on the hot gun.

dahlia (2)

Each row lies on each other

dahlia (3)
Middle, and you can think of paper as in kvilinge,

dahlia (4)

It turned out this way.

dahlia (5)

Kras gouache; first scarlet, then red,

dahlia (6)

then mix the paint, did a transitional color, and the last purple. Kras two layers. Then in the middle of a yellow he added and covered with varnish. You can even attach at the edges of the leaves, that’s just what I think of, from the skin whether corrugated paper? Behind the stick and loop can be hung on the wall)

dahlia (7)

dahlia (8)


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