How to make dahlias wall art from paper

 wall art
 This workshop is designed for children of primary school age, additional education of teachers, educators and creative people who love to create beautiful and unique things with their hands.
Purpose: the work can be used as interior decoration, a gift for the holiday.
Purpose: Production of a collective mural with his hands.
1. Hooking skills of working with paper.
2. Foster a desire to fulfill the product with their own hands.
3. Foster the habit of working on their own, gently bring it started to its logical conclusion.
4. To develop creativity, imagination, fantasy.
5. To develop compositional skills and aesthetic sense.
6. Parenting sense of collectivism, mutual assistance.
Tools and materials: color double-sided paper, colored cardboard, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, glue, duct cocktail.
 wall art
I grew up in a flower garden –
Bright, lush dahlias.
He tutu new
All elegant, purple.
A sweet, sunny, vibrant
Bees swarm over him spinning.
Hairy beetle flew,
On the sheet of green villages.
Butterfly beauty
Dahlia enjoyed.
All in flower doted:
He treats nectar.
Steps for crafts:
In this master class presented technique of flowers from the “kulechka”. The basis of the manufacture of handicrafts from kulechka is a square or a circle. This work of squares.      1. On a bilateral colored paper to draw squares with a side of 3 cm.
 wall art
2. Carefully cut out the squares along the line.
 wall art
3. From these geometric shapes to assemble and glue “kulechki”. Each square wrapped around the index finger along the diagonal and glue.
 wall art
4. Collect the petals will be a circle of cardboard radius of 2 cm.
 wall art
5. Glue the first row kulechkov on a cardboard circle that serves as the basis for a flower, so that the hole in kulechke looked down.
 wall art
6. The second row from the top is placed between the first row of cams.
 wall art
7. The next set is similar to the second.
 wall art
8. Mid-laying 3-4 kulechkami previously smeared with glue.
 wall art
So, on the one dahlia leaves 25-30 squares.
9. These are the magnificent dahlias of different colors are.
 wall art
10. Cut the leaves like this.
 wall art
11. It remains to choose a frame. There are many options, we liked it.
The framed symmetrically placed flowers and a cocktail stick green, which will serve as flower stems.
 wall art
12. Beautifully decompose leaves and fix with glue.
 wall art
Another use of the frame.
Легенда о георгине.
В народе живет легенда, согласно которой этот красивый цветок обязан своим именем молодому садовнику Георгию.
В далекие времена георгин был царским цветком и мог расти только в дворцовом саду. И остался бы царским пленником, если бы не садовник Георгий…
Несмотря на суровый запрет, садовник подарил этот цветок своей невесте, а затем посадил такой же цветок возле ее дома. Узнав об этом, царь приказал бросить садовника в тюрьму, где он и погиб. Но царский цветок уже вырвался на волю и стал любимым в народе. В честь молодого садовника Георгия, отдавшего жизнь за его свободу, цветок был назван георгином.
Представляем Вашему вниманию еще несколько вариантов оформления работ в технике “Бумажный кулечок”.
courtesy: ped-kopilka
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