How to make decorative number for birthday

Good day country !!! I decided to share my experience of creating a volume dvoechki here. It collects information on different pages of the Internet, so even someone wanted to make life easier))


So in procuring shop with everything you need. We need dense tissue (about 25 rubles per pack). On dvoechku 80 cm in height was enough for me 2 packs of pink color, 2x green and burgundy 1. Just need a stapler, it is desirable for the larger and more powerful, I mean value, scissors, glue gun and glue in bars to it (it took me 3 packs).


For the carcass using polystyrene 5 cm thick. Draw the outline and cut out for him. Cut with a knife, maybe a thickness necessary to cut with force.


To the girl was stable make the podium. It stuck sticks Lyulyakov women can take a toothpick.


Dvoechku sit down, so this design turned out.


For registration dvoechki I liked the option of creating a paper pionov.Berem 2 napkins, cut the corner where the napkin is folded.


Fold in an accordion and we fix a stapler. Make one side longer and the other shorter. To pionchik was more bahramistym can round off the edges of an accordion.


Then take a short piece of accordion and turn down towards the middle of the leaves on the next to the first one side then the other, carefully turn down that would not break the leaves. We do the same thing with a long part of the accordion.


Here’s a flower turns.


And paste like anything your imagination)))


Thank you all for your attention)) I hope someone will come in handy.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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