How to make decorative pineapple pillow


How to make decorative pineapple pillow

That’s how the author offers a ¬†class use the remnants of fabric for curtains. I do not think that pineapple pillow is easy and simple, but if you try … you can sew.

pineapple pillow

This cushions 40×40 cm.

pineapple (2)

carve out of the base fabric 16 squares of 20×20 cm. Each. Mark the middle.

pineapple (3)

On the wrong side to make amends for 1 cm. From all sides. If the fabric is not compliant, the best tack.

pineapple (4)

Take one corner and Bends it to the center of the fixing stitch

pineapple (5)

That this envelope should turn

pineapple (6)

Now take the back corners of the envelope and anchoring them in the center.

pineapple (7)

We get here a little envelope. So do all the 16 squares

pineapple (8)

sew squares into strips

pineapple (9)

The bars make a square.

pineapple (10)

Because the fabric that will be used to insert cut out 32 squares of 5×5 cm. 8 of them cut into triangles.

pineapple (11)

This is how we expand.

pineapple (12)

to turn away the edges and fasten namitka.

pineapple (13)

That’s the way until it fills the entire field.

pineapple (14)

Make a frame to fit your needs, do not forget about the allowances

pineapple (15)

Oh, and then as usual.

pineapple (16)


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