How to make decoupage gypsum panels

Girls, just finished the new panels, even the paint is still wet … Of course, clever some people are not in a hurry, waiting for the next day, in good light to make beautiful pictures, add some lovely items in the song … but I did not work, apparently, willpower is not enough.
In general, I can not take it anymore – pas akazyvayu …


Gypsum panels “Flower”. Master class by Svetlana Zhukova billet … I made myself. In the form of cakes for the cake (many probably have seen) flooded diluted according to the instructions perlgips (this is a building material …), drowned in the mass of the loop and left to dry … Well, I have some very good zagotovochka dry out, because . I am lying on the cabinet for six months.


Of course, the reverse side of the blank would suit me anymore, but already there is a protruding loop.


Therefore, to hide a cellular structure, I decided to slightly flatten it, causing a palette knife on top of a little putty. Specially inflicted coarse brushstrokes, to get such an old, rough surface. Dry, primed with acrylic primer.


Picked up a picture, print it on photo paper. The next day, covered with acrylic lacquer printout in 2 layers, dry well. Then pasted on the reverse side overlap the masking tape. To make it better stuck, carefully smoothed joints of the scissors.


Thereafter podkovyrnula area and began to remove the white layer. Tattered image and went through the edges even sandpaper.


Smeared glue preparation, pre-marking the place where the picture should be, then missed the back of the print out and stick to the work piece.


For strength laminated roll it through the file.


Background around print colored acrylic pink dark. Then he brightened slightly.


Drawn on a thin cardboard motif of roses, cut them cutter. Through the resulting stencil caused rough paste, gave her a dry well, and then a little poshkurila.


I paint the roses in the same pink color.


To get an interesting background, I decided to do two places also krakelyurchik. However, little was pierced with cracks color, it was necessary in this area brighten background stronger. Dealt a one-step lacquer krakelyurny Decola and while he plows, mixed acrylic in print tone. After two hours, beginning tampovat first surface panels darker color …


Then, in the remaining acrylic gradually add the ivory, and then white and start lighten the middle panel, and then moved to the edge, lighten all the flowers … The printout has allocated white acrylic few daisies, pleated dress on the image to become more alive … As a result, it turned out.


To smooth glossy printing and background panels, covered all acrylic lacquer, is in a single layer, but tomorrow will cover again to complete the merger was …


That’s it. I would be glad if my master class you will enjoy!


courtesy: evany-hobby-home

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