How to make decoupage CD

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How to make decoupage CD

Dear masters! I offer you gifts for moms cope with the manufacture of which children start shkoly……want to try these techniques!

CD (1)

To produce gift we need: 2 napkins, 3 plates and shells from the eggs.

CD (2)

2 crumple a sheet of paper (used drafts), we pasted them on a small plate of glue.

CD (3)

On one side of the paper to buckle, do not forget about the loop, and then glue the second crumpled sheet and cut the sheet lishnee.Myaty better adheres to the plate than nemyatyy…..interesting texture, and folds for coloring paints take longer.

CD (4)

Take the cloth is cut off the right motive.

CD (5)

Glue the plate on both sides.

CD (6)

Coat with a napkin with white glue and glue shells.

CD (7)

stained watercolor yellow and have not yet dried up red.

CD (8)

We get a nice transition from the edge to the center of the plate.

CD (9)

The same plate, but on the other storony.Perehod yellow-green.

CD (10)

Of this I have done 2 napkins plate for future gifts.

CD (11)

And from this central element of the napkin turned panels.

CD (12)

That’s one side.

CD (13)


CD (14)

Can variant horizontal position.

CD (15) CD (16)


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