How to make denim backpack with flowers

How to make denim backpack with flowers


A now all, as it were in order. In general, my “epic” backpacks is not finished yet, will gradually implement new and interesting ideas are constantly climbing into my head … and that’s with this “garden” 🙂 The idea came to mind, and even saw the light of its shape, but still from start to finish it (backpack) was a complete experiment.
   For a start it must be said that the main “ingredients” of a backpack (flowers, jeans) is the full utilization of … no, no, recycling does not mean made of something quite b / ear, and I recycle plohogo.Dlya often means- of neo-vintage.

I bought a long time once a set of denim cut-offs, about 75 20sht.razmerami # 70cm, colors were mostly from medium blue to very light blue … Jeans-new, but the size is it only for bags or any other details .. The first two backpack, sewn by the way of them. So I stayed 2-3 of the sheet of light and although there have been folded into the face and kept in a sealed box, and when deployed to look, I saw such type bands, seen from sgibov.Vybrasyvat somehow pity, put back in korobku- -for me it looks like a “throw, but later” :))). She took the paint for fabrics, naborchik of the primary colors (like very much, sometimes tint silk ribbon embroidery, fast and non-toxic!), spread them with water, this piece is soaked in water and covered his entire such rosy circles, t.e.pytalas disguise whitewashed strip. Her husband saw how, so once said, “it’s hip for the” G “…?” … No, well, the result t.e.gotovy backpack he liked very much, and he took it back, making me a compliment, you never know how the mind of a creative person-ka.Ya wanted was to bring Russian proverb “fool-work floor does not show”, but did not, even though he and I have a sense of humor, would understand … :))) In general, here’s how it looked like after painting, drying.


Do not think that this MK.Net just some working moments … all of a sudden will be useful for someone else!
  Then I cut a piece which I had drawn krugi.Pod jeans put three more layer x / cotton fabrics, t.e.dlya sineli.Dva upper layer went to prorez.Nastrochila circles in a spiral, cut a two sloya.Opyat soaked in water , then in opolaskivate, carefully rubbed her hands over the slotted places and dumped into drying mashinu.Poluchilos tak.Dumala here that all the paint “faded” with jeans, as well as not no! The transitions between colors circles almost equal, and the rainbow effect is also stayed, and I am very happy!



Now go to the flowers, to the valve. Now, if you will fall down on his head artificial flowers … and in each room you will guide them in a vase or two and zakolochek all know children have done, but they still will not come to an end, I suggest to “grow” them in a bag, backpack 🙂 )) no, I have artificial flowers in the house I do not really like, so dispose of them for other purposes 🙂 this one I got from Torba middle daughter muzha.Ona when birth to a daughter, 14nazad years and living in Hawaii, bought different branches with different flowers, tried to do Clip for dochki.Net, well Rostral done, but how much you need one child flower pins? In general, it is now neo-vintage “good” from me!


Valve has decided to do with open cuts, t.e.razmahrit.Poetomu carve out its two parts (and on the pockets, too) on the bias and one layer of c / b, according to equity, so it is not stretched where he wants .. 🙂 That leaves chosen , flowers, what I liked, removed all the plastic-flower stalk midway and scribbled them on the valve. Carabiner covered with a cloth to avoid scratching in sushke.Namochila whole buket.Vo first to razmahrit denim edge, and secondly, to accurately see any changes that may have occurred from contact with warm water … And to be honest, I am thinking that they will start to fade, and their shape razvalitsya..skolko read warnings from Russian tsvetodelov that in any case not to wet the flowers made of fabric! But no! The paint on the spot! … Well, maybe some flowers just a little bit (not all!) Pomyagchali … no wonder because the Chinese hold the solutions, which are impregnated fabric tsvetodelii in secret!



Well, actually this my experiments over and seminal concepts of the ordinary sewing technical side, which I stop many will not .. 



The back side of … the usual, except that completely forgot to sew suspenders-pen and valve to connect all parts of lateral sclerosis backpack … probably even take it so read your 100times as MK :))) rip side did not want to, so again, “reinvent the wheel”:) – closed all sections of the double oval detail previously having put his Leib inside …
  Actually, I do not like when Leiba, cling labels outside things … well, a couple of small capital letters abreviaturnyh can take, as well as full F.I …. well, I do not like when in a prominent place on the clothes or Leyba bag is like “With love from John Doe” 🙂 no, I have nothing against John Doe, not against love, but you have to be modest tovarisch! 🙂 So usually put their labels inside bags, but here



He made his “modest” to “neck” ryukzaka..dumayu, no one will notice

Well karmashki.Klapany Velcro … still I am trying to portray his pocket, briefcase, or rather not the full version ego.Vrode how it happened, but still pocket-porftel better to do with podkroynoy part round, and I lower

edge tucked into the seam.


Well! Well I wanted to drop a couple of lines, and show pictures, and dashed off an entire sheet :))) That’s when it comes to something very important, the “Short-sister of talent” is always with me! .. But in other cases, the sheets always with me ..



courtesy: liveinternet

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