How to make earring form coffee pods

By now you know very well that the “cialdite” is a disease from which there is no cure (thankfully!)

Today I show some earrings I made with the coffee pods with the same technique but with the various features that make them different from each other. Some gold and some copper-colored, some long, others to put in of ear lobe. Which do you like best?

For the first cut with the scissors of the coffee pod to the height of one centimeter from the upper edge (photo 1) so as to divide the wafer into two parts (photo 2). Then fold with pliers the top of the wafer so as to create the segments (picture 3).
Depending on the number of folds the segments will be more or less large. I varied between 9 and 12 bending.

Create all folds (photo 4), fold inward with your fingers (photo 5). Fold with the same tongs also the lower part of the wafer, creating also here of the segments (picture 6).

Push in with your fingers, the cloves (photo 7). With a pod you can get so two circles into wedges (photo 8). The wafer can also be cut at different heights to get open circles in the center. The circles can be processed with pliers also around and crushed with mache meat so you get an even different effect (photo 9).

Combining several different elements I created these earrings:

courtesy: portugalli.blogspot

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