How to make easter card from scrapbooking technique

easter card
– Continue acquaintance with the technique of scrapbooking;
– To learn to use the available material;
– To learn to choose materials and finishes for the manufacture of the product;
– Teach correctly match colors and color combinations;
– To develop creative imagination, imagination and sense of taste;
– To bring attention and care to friends and loved ones;
Purpose: Greeting card souvenir
The people preserved many customs and rituals associated with the celebration of Easter. On this bright day, all go to each other’s homes, Christ, congratulate on the holiday, wishing each other a happy and prosperous, present each other with colored eggs and Easter cakes. Easter card is a great gift to friends and relatives on Easter Day.
Master class is designed for younger students. The work will be of interest to anyone interested in technology scrapbooking and loves to please their friends and family cards, made with your own hands.
Necessary material:
easter card
– Thick sheet in gentle tones for procurement cards;
-Color paper substrate;
-The main background – ready printing with expanses of the Internet
easter card
– Decorative umbrellas for table decorations
– Pictures, stickers or inscription with a set of Easter;
– Tapes;
– Scissors, PVA glue, glue stick, double sided tape
Pictures of chickens that can be printed and used in the work
easter card easter card
Step by step the production of postcards:
1. From lilac paper cut out a rectangle 11H15 cm
easter card
2. From the main background cut out a rectangle 10H14 cm and paste it on lilac substrate
easter card
3. The highlight of the card is a decorative umbrella. Baskets were nests were … So the idea to put the chickens in an umbrella.
Open umbrella and carefully cut with scissors internal fixation. It is necessary for convenient placement on a leaf umbrella
easter card easter card
4. Glue bow on the basis of cards, stick-handle braid
easter card
easter card
5. You can see and iron-on transfers, flowers, butterflies, writing in Easter set. Inexpensive, convenient and fast. Cut the label liked the chickens and put them in an umbrella. One of the chickens may be “let out for a walk”
easter card easter card easter card
6. Decorate the background with white tape, which will be a wonderful complement of blue ribbons
easter card
7. Decorate the card with flowers, butterfly in gentle tones
easter card easter card
8. decorating the top of the card says “Happy Happy Easter”
easter card easter card
9. Prepare the blank, folded in half (12H16 cm) finished product glue to the workpiece
easter card
10. Let us give the amount of the butterfly the chicken and walk. Cut parts and using adhesive pads to stick them on the butterfly and chicken
easter card easter card
11. Holiday card ready!
easter card easter card
Thank you for attention! With the upcoming Happy Easter! Be happy!
courtesy: ped-kopilka
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