How to make egg from threads and hickens of thin felt

Hello! Long thought, what to do to a daughter in kindergarten. A lot of ideas on the Internet. I decided to make an Easter egg from threads. Chickens of thin felt (better to take the fleece), artificial flowers. She did this work for the first time – I sooo much!


For making my daughter used:
PVA glue (about 125 grams)
Glue gun
Artificial flowers, simple and delicate ribbons, butterflies, beads, etc.
Watercolor paints and brush

For the chicken:
Felt thin yellow (or fleece)
Eyelets for chickens
Sintepon (or wool)


Do chicks of felt. 


My child said it will have “mom”


and this “daughter”


Next, do egg from threads: To do this, inflate the ball. From bead size will depend on the size and shape of the Easter egg threads. Thread a needle, puncture the bottle with glue (closer to the bottom, so that the thread always passes through the adhesive). Put thread into the plate, so that when unwinding has not gone off. Remove the needle and start winding a ball. From the amount of wound yarn will depend on the finished delicacy and lightness of an Easter egg. First, I wind the thread a little, then a little dry.


I paint in lilac color strings.


Again dry.The next layer is wound thread. Top nanoshu brush PVA glue on the threads. Now it is necessary to dry the ball. To do this, it either suspended or, as I put on the stand. When the glue dries, the workpiece will be very good to keep the shape. It is necessary to carefully blow away the ball and pull through the hole fishnet. To hole in the Easter egg was neat, you can cut a pattern, and it will have to cut.


After this stage is the most creative work – decorating an Easter egg. The case may go multi-colored beads and buttons, ribbons and tesemochki, artificial flowers.


It is very convenient to mount all the jewelry glue gun – quickly and reliably. If the gun is not, it can be neatly sewn thread beads, ribbons. Inside Easter egg from the nest of threads put sisal. Glue the nest of our chickens.


To twist in different directions)


If someone does come in handy, I’ll be very happy!




courtesy: stranamasterov

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