How to make fairy tale “Cinderella”,book for gift

I thought for a long time to write the intro, but then decided to do without it.
And so, the alter-book made me out of scrap materials, we can say: I’m blind from what it was … I just spend on the glue.
(Gone, by the way, is not small and not a lot, as much as 200 ml of PVA)
We need:
– A book (whether new or old, the main thing that is not sorry);
– Scissors, stationery knife;
– Pencil, ruler;
– PVA glue;
– White paper;
– Decorations (all different);
– Clean and bright working place;
– An excellent mood.
1. Take the book and about the middle of tearing somewhere 20-30 sheets. This is to ensure that the book would be good then closed. Next, the remaining sizing adhesive sheets. You can glue each leaf, but it’s a long time. It can be 5-7 pages, and only on the perimeter. Main adhesive applied evenly and not thick. Then, put a book under the press in expanded form on the day.
My mistake was that the press, as for me, is not evenly pressed on the entire area of the book (press I replaced a stack of thick encyclopedias) and glued pages so went the waves.
2. When the book is dried using a ruler and a knife cut out of office window. Nothing complicated, but then I screwed up. In the process of cutting it turned out that the whole book is not dry (inside pages were wet) and the knife did not cut and tore the sheets. In order not to make things worse, I put the book to dry further, but without the press. As a result, it unscrew. This is a mistake number two.
Tip: Let the initially dry at the correct pressure for longer days.
3. Once all the windows were cut, I have pasted the book, first of its same page, and then the white paper. My baby loved the process. He helped me with very great enthusiasm. And, again, all that stuff impregnated with glue, I left to dry without the press, which eventually led to a further twisting.
4. And now the time has come for the most interesting – how to do background. I have to say, do not use water colors. Firstly, they are not as bright as I had, and secondly – they do not draw on top of the glue (and the book at me along and across the entire in glue) .Guash – is another matter. Acrylic – all super! But acrylic paint I do not have to buy and I was sorry … that’s what eventually happened.


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5. This cover …
6. Oh, and then we give fancy roam. As an alter-book I did on the fairy tale “Cinderella”, and the ornaments and decorations appropriate.
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7. And a pumpkin has a little secret. Just tstststs, or who do not speak :)) Pumpkin can open and see the small book with the tale.
8. That’s it.
P.S. The book is in a closed form.
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Thank you for attention.
courtesy: stranamasterov
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