How to make felt baby doll

make felt baby doll

Make felt baby doll .Here are a lot of cloth dolls and stuffed toys.I show you my knowledge and technique about making felt baby doll.You will learn by yourself how to make felt baby doll .

Felt decorations what we continue doing doll of seals door trim also the birthday decorations felt also felt magnets can also use. Swelling paste the trash back to the long felt decorations can. You can put a seal on the frame you created. Felt by moving fragrant you can use scented combine in stone frame. It will be very nice. Eg on a knit cardigan you felt the baby can sew, you can make and accessories. In short, you can use all kinds of ornaments. All too will suit.

felt baby doll (2)

  • Tan and pink felt
  • Yarn
  • Black beads for eyes
  • baby doll template
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Hot silicone
  • Fiber

felt baby doll (4)

Let’s stop using the mat by pinning onto the mold. Two heads, two bodies, four hands and four feet slit.

felt baby doll (5)

Let us begin by first-hand upright. I dikel mutual combining two parts. Let a little space and the rest of my dikel fiber fill here. Let’s repeat the same process for the other hand.

felt baby doll (6) felt baby doll (7) felt baby doll (8)

Then my feet dikel the same way.

felt baby doll (9)

Let’s start with the same hand as the two parts are mutually combine planting.

felt baby doll (10) felt baby doll (11)

Let’s stop for washing the body from pink felt. 2.

felt baby doll (12)

Let’s just put the front and rear of the lower body part of this hot silicone.

felt baby doll (13)

Let’s continue sewing change the color of the rope. Let some clarity here and fill the upper hand and fiber.

felt baby doll (14) felt baby doll (15)

Let’s just put in the picture with the hot silicon body as a part of the head. Body parts must be between the two heads.

felt baby doll (16)

Let’s start putting the upper part of the strut.

felt baby doll (17)

pink yarn nose and mouth on the head.

felt baby doll (18)

Let’s start sewing again the sewing work filling fiber into your head.

I fill small black beads of eyes on the head.

felt baby doll (20)

4 slit strip away the brown yarn. Let’s just put silicone on the head node to the end of the rope throw. The node will be in the back of the head.

felt baby doll (21) felt baby doll (3) felt baby doll (4) felt baby doll (5)

Let’s open the floor of the yarn.

felt baby doll (6)

Now, let’s just put the body on the hands and feet.

felt baby doll (7)

I cut a piece of pink felt like in the picture.

felt baby doll (8)

Part of Let’s just put on the back of the head that we prepare.

felt baby doll (9)

Fill it with a blush to the cheeks.

felt baby doll (10)

And felt baby doll ready. You can use them in all kinds of decorations.

felt baby doll (11)


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