Make figures with polymer clay rings and cans

Make figures with polymer clay rings and cans

Today I bring a new mini-tutorial for which we need very few materials and also recycle things 

So we can put to work immediately because we have everything on hand.

I leave the summary of the tutorial in pictures and I’ll explain step by step so you do not miss:

polymer clay rings polymer clay(32)

Nice, right? Come with step by step:

1. The first thing you need in addition to polymer clay of various colors are rings of cans.

The soda can we are worth because they are too small

(unless you’re an expert miniaturist, which I am not even remotely, I need a good dose of patience)

polymer clay(26)

2. We put the ring on a sheet of polymer clay and press with your finger

polymer clay(27)

3. Cut around the shape with a punch or a cutter, and had his finger on the sides to remove imperfections.

In the end, I decided to make an ornament wavelet everything around with the same tool (you’ll see in the photo of the finished work)

polymer clay(28)

4. We do a ball to the face of our figure and crush with your finger. It should be roughly the size of the top of the ring

polymer clay(29)

5. We put hair

polymer clay(30)

6. We make the details of the face (eyes and mouth) with black and red clay

polymer clay(33)

7. And give color in her cheeks with chalk powder or cake with a little blush and using a fine brush

polymer clay(34)

8. We put the head in place

polymer clay(35)

9. With a larger ball do the body

polymer clay(36)

10. We dress details. In this case, I made a kokeshi or Japanese doll,

But you can make the kind of doll you want and decorate it to your liking.

polymer clay(37)

It’s time to bake. We put our doll in the oven about 20 minutes at about 120 degrees Celsius.

Remember that the cooking temperature can vary by brand of polymer clay that we use.

Check the directions on the package.

11. Finally, we hit a snap from behind with a little clay and return to pan.

polymer clay(38)

If you do not like brooches, you can make these dolls as pendants, key chains, ornaments tiaras, etc.¡¡¡ The possibilities are endless !!! And so is our finished work:

polymer clay(39)

You see, polymer clay rings I’m not limited to a single model figure, also made a type matryoshka and a blue cat (my weakness …).

And that in a while, if I’m a little more, do not know how many different models they could have left me: chicks, rabbits, baby …

for cat (12)

Leaf Painting (23)


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