How to make floating cup flower basket

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Today we are discussing about how to make floating cup flower basket


And it was so; I asked Igor to make a stand under a tree or on a cup and saucer “hang” for a topiary on the contrary, but it’s just so, as did some earlier does not! I thought all night and came up with, and I liked it! Gee! And I’ll put flowers!

Breaker with floating cup and finished hovering watering!))) That’s granddaughter “overjoyed” that her leechku was attached to the place!))) Get him klumbochka on the windowsill. Blossomed on it the most that neither is on spring flowers – daffodils and tyulpanchiki!

Another sat on a flower! And the most restless flies over the flower bed and apparently chooses the most beautiful flower!

A Vodicka pours cool jets – that’s because samoleyka-assistant! Spray on all sides!

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And shine on the leaves of water droplets – fresh! It smells of damp earth alive! Good!

A gryadochki we lovingly protected the old bricks that weeds do not disturb our delicate primroses!

Now a bit of the process. Lake – candle holder from mosquitoes plus bedplate tin paint. The bed – foam bottom of a plastic bucket on a certain product of “Crossroads.” Bricks – packaging foam, paint, tinting.

Water – monofilament and wire, which hovers head, paint, tinting. Rosa – “liquid glass”.

I love Topiary, but they rarely do. And here to help me were the hands of Igor or vice versa to help Igor my hands – that get to play four hands.

But I planted flowers quickly. I had to go “landing” of another happiness … It has long wanted to try the rice paper on the glass))) Get a vase out of the bottle, but with roses))) Do not “Oh!”, Of course, but to give come!)))

In short, flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere!

Thank you!

courtesy: stranamasterov

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