How to make flower from egg trays


How to make flower from egg trays

Today I propose to make a decoration for the Christmas tree – a egg trays flower on the clothespin. Manufacturing will take a little time, you can make jewelry with your children.

flower (1)

You will need:

– A wooden clothespin;

– leaf green two-way paper;

– cassette out of eggs (2 cell);

– Glue “Moment”; – Red gouache;

– green acrylic paint;

– golden beads;

– Glitter Glue.

From the cassette out of the eggs Cut two cell edge aligned in a circle, making cuts to the middle. Everyone got a petal sharpen, red gouache paint on both sides.

flower (2)

Take the green paper and cut two strips of 28 cm long, 4 cm wide. Both add up the accordion folding steps of 0.5 cm. Both glue the accordion in the ring, and then , pulling the middle, glue the other side of the circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm diameter circle of 1 cm.

flower (3)

Go to the flowers. Each petal on the edge encircle Glitter glue. Giving dry. Adhered to each other, displacing the upper petals of a flower relatively low. In the center of a large golden glue bead surrounded by small golden beads.

egg trays

The resulting flower glued to the clothespin. And this ornament on the Christmas tree is very convenient to hang in any place – even to the branches, even to the top. That is something like this: all success and happiness in the New Year!

egg trays


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