How to make flower panel from many flowers

a)   I love a lot of flowers and grow them as well as I also started to do it with the paper you see (here) and (here). So I decided to make a beautiful picture floral doing a kind of collage with acrylic paint and flowers made with egg cartons. How about?



I used a table bought by Brico, I botched with acrylic colors to make the bottom, I’m not good with painting, then I made a tree trunk. So I stuck with PVA glue flowers and a few leaves green.


b)   Here’s another way to make the flowers with the paper, we will use this time of cartons of eggs, I have used them to make this picture. What you see in the picture me have done to give a lady who sells the eggs to my market, but you can also use the six or ten that you find at the supermarket.


Cut possibly with a bobby pin with rounded tips, the grooves where you put the eggs. Ricaverete small bowls.


Even out the heights and cut obtaining the cloves. Then have rounded or pointed petals.


Painting with acrylics, and the flower is ready. You can use them to decorate the frame of a portafotografia, a mirror or by inserting an iron wire shank or a skewer to make a bunch to put in a vase.


courtesy: centomilaidee.blogspot

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