How to make flower panel from old jeans

sunflower wall art
  sunflower wall art
interior decoration, gift.
Production of panels from waste material using kanzashi technology.
• To introduce the technique kanzashi, with the manufacture of basic elements;
• To develop fine motor skills of hands, sense of form, good eye;
• To develop creativity, imagination, imagination;
• Develop aesthetic taste and sense of composition;
• Foster the habit of working neatly, bring it started to its logical conclusion;
• Engage in artistic and creative activity, and teaching to make the elements of beauty in life.
A bit of interesting information
Astra is one of the oldest plants on earth. With the opening of the royal tombs near Simferopol 2,000 years ago among the garlands of leaves of aconite, laurel and pine cones found picture asters.
Translated from the Greek “aster” means star. An ancient legend ascribes the origin of stellar Astra.
They say that increased aster from a small speck of dust that fell to Earth from the stars in those days, when the vegetation on the planet originated.
Homeland undemanding and cold-resistant China aster considered. In the language of flowers aster sadness meant. About Astra was known in ancient Greece, where her inflorescence worn around the neck as an amulet for good luck.
In Europe, the Chinese annual aster appeared in the middle of the XVII century, it has taken root, and since growers are working on breeding more and more new varieties of the flower that resembles a star. Currently you can find asters rozovidnye, hrizantemovidnye, Peony- and can compete unless the roses in the richness and diversity of color with them.
  sunflower wall art  sunflower wall art
Materials needed for the work:
1.Atlasnaya tape 2 cm wide;
2.Plotny cardboard;
3.Ostatki wallpaper or colored paper;
4.Dzhinsovaya fabric jeans pocket;
5.Kley Moment Crystal PVA glue;
  sunflower wall art
Take the denim fabric and cut into strips 1 cm wide.
  sunflower wall art
Twist the rolls. Make the required number of parts.
 sunflower wall art
Thick cardboard pasted over with paper or colored paper.
 sunflower wall art
Glue rolls along the edge of the base.
 sunflower wall art
Our base-frame is ready.
Take a satin tape, cut to a length of 4 cm.
Bend the strip along the length of the face outwards.
Cut away the tips of the solder using lighters (candle can be used).
Now the ends of the other side to the middle of the Bends and solders (corners can bend butt each other, and can be a little overlap).
Obtained here are the petals. Acute petals kanzashi.
We are making the necessary quantity of petals.
cut a small circle (diameter of about 3-4 cm) from any tissue.

 sunflower wall art  sunflower wall art
We begin to collect our flower.
  sunflower wall art
In the middle of a glue bead.
  sunflower wall art
Make the required number of colors.
  sunflower wall art
Take a satin ribbon of green, cut into pieces 6-7 cm and making sharp petals kanzashi.
  sunflower wall art
On the basis of glue jeans pocket.
  sunflower wall art  sunflower wall art
Glue the flowers.
  sunflower wall art
Our panel “Gentle asters” ready.
I think such a panel would be a wonderful gift and complements any interior.
Asters forth her wings
Like angels, a little shaggy,
Thin multi-colored mantilla
Overdressed garden, his tracks …
Angelic Star – miracle crumbs. (Larissa Kuzminska)
I wish you all success !!!
courtesy: ped-kopilka


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