How to make flower from plastic bottle

White Dahlia. But as white dahlia combined with yellow dahlias made by other technologies.

White Dahlia. Central part of the milk bottle is cut into 6 pieces carved petals, petal bent along the top of the petal to bulge

White Dahlia. From cardboard cut out stencils with a diameter of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 2 cm. Cut circles with linoleum 7 pcs

White Dahlia. Petals glued with hot melt on the linoleum

White Dahlia. Petals pierced with an awl and bonded brackets for strength

White Dahlia. In all the circles to make a hole in two places in order to stretch the wire (stem).

White Dahlia. Side view.

White Dahlia. A single hole in circles slipped a wire strung piece of cork (stamens) and reverse strung circles. On the bottom of the flower sepals strung, twisted wire.

White Dahlia. The flower is ready. For one evening of recycled waste material, and enjoy a nice gift for yourself.