How to make flower from plastic spoons and forks
If you are caught are so bright plastic spoons and forks, try one that’s such a beautiful flower for decoration in just 20 minutes.

With the tint, or better with the bleach in the lead I had to occupy a good half hour and especially divert attention from the burning of my scalp. In a November evening, in a few minutes here you are born a flower with plastic forks and spoons.

You had seen several, in this article you will find the tutorial for the one with white plastic spoons and here a rose with the stem. But I have made ​​many colorful; orange, pink and blue.

This time I tried to make a central part with forks. The colors are those of the cutlery I had at home, so no possible variation on the theme of “color”, at least for now.

Let’s see how I did and what I was served.

Be patient for the pictures taken in the evening.

We need:
plastic forks, spoons, scissors, hot glue, fire gas stove.

1: Cut prongs of a fork, leaving little plastic bases
2: heat in the fire, being careful not to burn yourself, as long as the plastic is warm, turn at the base.
3: bring your teeth to fire and ends slightly bent.
4: Cut the petals from spoons.

5: using a hot glue adhesive pitch starting from the central portion.
6: heat teeth fork and bend it to 90 °.
7-8: plug so as to obtain the basis of the flower.

That’s the beauty of it turns out nothing!