How to make flower pot waterfall

Making out of the ordinary flower pot desktop waterfall.


In this age of rapid life returning home from work, I want to relax a bit, so let’s give it to yourself. Like that’s such a little idea, not difficult and quite feasible.
And the time spent on the work of time, will be repaid with interest, sweet and pleasant bagatelle in the interior. For conceived we need ordinary flower pot, pump, pipes, special silicone LEDs, plexiglass and artificial vegetation for aquariums, all this can be purchased at any pet store. Pebbles of various shapes and sizes (remember, probably with the rest lying around the beautiful pebbles them there).


By the bottom of the pot stick silicone special pump on top of it – the site of Plexiglas, on her stick stones … on the same silicon.


at the bottom, just fasten LEDs propaivaem and fill ration space … of course silicone. Check, without this in any way.

5 6

Whatever design was removable for cleaning and maintenance, on the sides put cardboard, isolate our rockery from the pot.

7 8

Fasten greens.


Check the water pressure and direction of the jet.

10 11 12

We get just such krasoten.


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