How to make flower from recycled eggs containers of plastic eggs


By now you know that I love to create flowers with recycled material (peach blossoms, lilies, poppies, tulips, daisies carnations, gerberas, calla lilies, poinsettias …) saw that my thumb is not green but black … ( Unfortunately!)

This time I ventured with the azaleas that I made from recycled containers of plastic eggs.

Here is the material that I used to create the flowers:


And here’s the process:


Cut a flower with five petals from the container of eggs (photo 1 and 2)


Pink paint with acrylic colors (photo 3), then paint the bottom with the red (photo 4)


Cut from a jar of yogurt a rectangle, “fraying” with scissors and paint it pink (photo 5), then roll it up, paste with hot glue on the bottom of the flower and finish it with some black dot (6 photos)
The first thing I did with the prepared azaleas (35) was a flowery ball to hang.
I glued with hot glue on a Styrofoam ball, I added a ribbon and white … I hung.





I’ll take her to Green Historica together with other creations. Hopefully we like it!
It could also be a nice gift for Mother’s Day, right?

But the creations with the azaleas are not finished here!

courtesy: portugalli.blogspot

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