How to make flower vase from bottle cap

I’m here to recycle plastic caps. A nice simple little job, if they are colored will be more cheerful, I unfortunately I had mostly white, few red, blue and green. I had to settle but came nice all the same. Serve naturally plugs, hot glue, a little card to make the bottom of the pot and little trimmings.


They left with 8 placing caps as you see in the picture below and I glued them together with a little hot glue.


I did so 8 caps columns, always sticking together.


I put the glue where you see the sign with red marker, and also between the plug and cap.



I am therefore comes up that seems right.


I laid it all on a card, I made a sign around with a pencil and I cut.



I made some cuts to the pencil mark, (I forgot to take a picture) and I pasted as bottom of the jar, tucking shredded pieces and pasting them on the vessel.
I then finished to cover the cardboard with a small trimmings, which I put at the top.
Here it is finished !!!


courtesy: centomilaidee.blogspot

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