How to make flowers of clover

How to make flowers of clover

On the internet, work met craftswomen who make excellent flowers of clover …
Searched MK, but all she found were paid …

I decided to try to make myself …
Will show you how to do it ….Please “do not throw stones, only Seeking with foamiranom, look different and very grateful to everyone who shares his skills … It is clear to one hundred artists will be my attempt ridiculous, but for those who are beginning, perhaps something useful

clover (1)

Things you need

foam ran for flower and foliage, pastel, foil, glue, scissors, wire, tape.

clover (2)

Wire obtained tape and at the end of the foil will form the basis of with photo apologize and took pictures at the same time

clover (3)

foamirana piece of adhesive glue gun cut off too much 

clover (4)

From tape foamirana green chop fringe (ribbon width of 1.5 cm) from lilac petals for foamirana

clover (5)

Dimensions tab and how to trim the edges.

clover (6)

Stuck on the fringe of the basis for the flower to glue gun.

clover (7)

Screw in a spiral and glued

clover (8)

Above the candle “raspushivaem” blank … WARNING !!!! foamirana flammable material lights up even without direct contact with the fire !!!!!!

clover (9)

One would zagotovochki-edge fringe treat yellow acrylic paint did not toning pastel petals and also sliced thin petals midway for 

clover (10)

Each petal first scrolls between his fingers as though turning into a tube …

clover (11)

In the middle of thin stripes and glue “Second” first tried to but, then lapped

clover (12)

That part of the tab that will be glued, cut off at an angle .

clover (13)

So, a little under one customize the size of the petals, while those at the bottom of the petals that will need a little smaller.

clover (14)

Glue the petals, starting from the top. Then I tried different glue, more like “Moment-gel”.

clover (15) clover (16)

Between the petals small gaps.

clover (17) clover (18)That inflorescence …

clover (19)

Petals … Veins – toothpick …

clover (20)
Edge – toning …

clover (21)

Glue to glue “Second” in their wire-ribbon …

clover (22)

And the same tip-tape leaves glued to inflorescence …

clover (3)

Here’s a rosy

clover (4) clover (5)