How to make frame for a family photo

frame for a family photo

How to make frame for a family photo

Something quite a while I was not there … or rather was, but did not do nothing, and here again I “covered” a wave of creativity.
Take the new master-class and a pair of papers in the bargain (more on that later a couple of posts).

And so, then entered an “order” from the parents to come up with something of such things, for family photos.
Podsmotrena bunch of ideas plywood comprehensive picture frames decided that such an option, we will do. And of course immediately started to get up … That is to do … Well, to be creative, here!

frame for a family photo (1)

For creativity I needed:
1) a piece of MDF (who were in the bottomless reserves Vorchuli was not a small number);
2) paper towels for wiping hands (you can use toilet paper;
3) Guasch (better if there is a set of 12 colors – less mix is necessary) ;
4) decorations (your choice)

But tools and accessories are:
1) Vorchulya
2) vorchulkin favorite tool knife
3) pencil, ruler, eraser.
4) PVA glue and a brush to it
5) glue gun.

And here is the result (photo below). And now to the serial production of this product of my imagination …

First of all you need to determine how many photos will be used in our integrated photo-frame.
Next, place the photos on the MDF sheet and set the angle photos point, after outline the boxes of photographs and see how we are settled.
After draws framework (I recommend the width of the scope of not less than 2.5 cm (1 inch), otherwise it will be quite shaky (according Vorchuli).
Next, form a central photo-frame (I have a heart for kollazhika) and connect it pretty bizarre lines.

Yes, it all refers only to “one-tier” frame, that is all on one level.
If you go “further”, that could be done initially figured basis, that would be on her already imposed themselves photo frames and in these places beautiful monogram biased will be partially removed, that would be easier to insert pictures would be.
So, in this embodiment do not forget to leave a little room for part of the underframe, which will be located and attached to the photo frame.

Vorchulya unfortunately not photographed the original version, I still raschertila as he grumbled and redraw all trunks and forgot that we were going to do a master class.
But when he was at the very layout of the approved them cut the first “krivulesti”, breaking half the blade of his knife, and showed me that I reminded him that it is worth to take a picture. The field of the camera stood beside him on the desk of our “maintenance” of the room (which we produce all the fixes).

frame for a family photo (2)MDF straight cut is easy and convenientframe for a family photo (3)Somewhere in this time I heard a very loud, grumbling about the fact that “one of the blade is broken Krivulina and will need to buy another pack of blades.” frame for a family photo (4)Pleased with himself, Vorchulya appeared before my eyes with almost cut blank. What I have noticed that the more you need to place a photo and collage cut. frame for a family photo (5)

After a while Vorchulya closed its tool knife, and with a shout, “What would you again for such subscribed ….” gave me his works. frame for a family photo (6)Well now it’s time for me to show their creative flair on gluing of paper napkins. frame for a family photo (7)To do this, take the PVA and abundantly lubricating base MDF, glue it folds our paper napkins. frame for a family photo (8)In the opposite direction, that would be much hands are not dirty, napkins Fold the brush. frame for a family photo (9)In the corners of the frames I recommend making slots for easy bend napkins. frame for a family photo (10)
Once pasted harvesting dried up, we begin to paint her in the color you like.
If you do not have the right color, then we take and mix guashnye paint to achieve the desired color. frame for a family photo (11)All our framed paint has dried, do embedded parts to fix the photos and you can proceed to the final stage. frame for a family photo (12)And in the end we simply take your favorite glue gun or glue “Titan” and glue decorations. frame for a family photo (13)That’s it, I hope you enjoyed watching the developments in the manufacture of the integrated photo frames.