How to make a frame for the photo

frame for the photo
 How to make a frame for the photo
frame for the photo frame for the photo
frame for the photo
It is possible to measure directly on the cardboard and can do as I – cut paper templates and use them.
For work, we need:
frame for the photo

Cardboard 1.5 – 2 mm thick;
pencils, rulers, scissors (this is understandable);
leveling pad or something, on what can be cut;
breadboard knife;
acrylic paints and brushes;
small tree Sk APB magi or other beautiful paper;
candle or its residues;
sandpaper (medium or large grain);
glue, a good and preferably transparent (point “Crystal”, or even better building “Dragon”).
Well, even the desire … :)))
Measure out the desired size (or use templates) and cut out of cardboard we need elements: Pattern 1, III.2, sh.3, III.4 – 1 thing, sh.5 – 2 pieces and sh.6 – 4 pcs.
Cut with a knife is preferable Prototyping than scissors. So 100% frame on all sides will be flat!
frame for the photo
By putting a sh.3 III.4 (so that each side peeped 3 mm) and outline the pencil of his inner loop (as in Figure 1 below left). From Sk APB magi cut a rectangle measuring 8.5 * 11.5, and glue it to the III.4 on this circuit.
Now glue the 3 parts of the frame in the same order, as indicated on the template: sh.1 glued to the III.2 and glue it to the sh.3. The fourth part is we do not touch. Feet also glue: to sh.5 on both sides of glue on one piece sh.6 (as in Figure 2.). Smooth side legs must be no gaps (as under the ticker) !!!
frame for the photo
All we put into a press-minute 20. Meanwhile, from the same cardboard cut the strip into 1 cm. Long … better longer. Then cut it with scissors into pieces of different lengths (from 1 cm to 3 cm). This will be our building blocks.
We turn to painting. The red dye, add a bit of yellow to color was warmer. When applying the paint on the cardboard it gets dark. So what color should be bright and warm!
frame for the photo
Paint all the parts. This layer will be with us and the ground, so it must be carefully painted over! We are waiting for the complete drying (about 1 hour).
Then take a candle and overwrites it all, outstanding us ends. At the end do not forget to turn yellow all the small pieces of wax.
frame for the photo

You can now proceed to the second painting. Paint all of the white acrylic paint. My advice – add the little brown. We do Chebbi chic !!! In this, there will be a snow-white “is not the topic.” We are waiting for 20 minutes – 30 and another layer of the same paint.
frame for the photo
After drying glue our building blocks on the front side of the frame. I advise you to first figure out where you will place them. Sealed the entire frame is not needed! Wait until the glue is completely dry (at least half) and apply white paint on the bricks of the same twice. Sutures also need to paint. Pay attention to the color of the bricks and the frame was no different, but if you noticed a difference – just the second time paint not only blocks but also the front part of the frame. Let dry.
Then we take the sandpaper and three ends of it. The main thing – do not overdo it!
 frame for the photo frame for the photo
Glue the back wall (w. 4) to our frame. Behind the glue to the flat side III.4 feet at a distance of 4.5 cm from the edges. It can be a little closer to the center as you like. It is better to do the construction adhesive and press until it clicks. When you stick legs, I advise putting the box on the table as it should be, and press the legs to the frame.
The frame is ready!
The last step – the decor of our frames. But it is up to you! I wanted to plant a flowering tree … :). Homemade flowers will also look beautiful. And you can twist the wires from the florist and plant flowers there ….. Overall, a flight of fancy – and your frame is a masterpiece !!!
Good luck to you! Thank you for reading the logs!
courtesy: liveinternet