How to make frame

How to make frame

frame (1)

Make a cut out of the frame with desireable sizes with mdf board.

frame (2)
Here is the back side of the frame.. I made it two way frame. 

frame (3)

Apply dental powder mixture (dental powder, fevicol, water). Create textures of your wish and at some parts I added stones

frame (4)

After drying of dental powder make any design with shilpkar mseal.

frame (5) frame (6) frame (7) frame (8)

colour it with desired colours

frame (9)

After drying of colours I applied Resin and Hardner in 2:1 ratio, for glossy effect, its takes minimum 6 hrs to set. Then I attached plain glass with the help of hot glue and kept the photo.

frame (10)

Courtesy: Anusha’s Art Gallery

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