How to make fridge magnet

fridge magnet
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Friends, today I will tell you how to quickly and easily make your own magnet on the fridge. We need the following
– Pencil;
– Line;
– A pair of scissors;
– Breadboard knife;
– Glue “Moment”;
– Cardboard beer;
– Base-magnet;
– Craquelure;
– Jewelry to your liking.
fridge magnet fridge magnet
1. print “house” templates “fence” and “frame”. If there is a ready frame, you can safely use it.
fridge magnet
2. trace the patterns in the beer carton: 1 pcs. House, 1 pc. frame, 5 pcs. Short detalek intake and 2 pcs. long. Beer cardboard differs from the usual cardboard binding so that he loose structure. Because it is very easy to cut any Circuits and can be easily prostrachivat on the sewing machine
fridge magnet
3. Cut circled Circuits. As I was cutting a direct mock knife, cut out the heart of nail scissors. They also rounded edges.
fridge magnet
4. We cover Circuits cracelures. Craquelure can be replaced with any acrylic paint you liked color.
fridge magnet
5. From the scrap of paper cut out a house and the house roof. Small pieces of scrap paper we glue the back of the heart.
fridge magnet
6. sizing roof to the house and to the cardboard beer
fridge magnet
7. Decorate the house according to your taste. I used the ointment inside the frame on paper, aged coffee. Just added metal bradsy. A fence decorated with paper flowers and ladybird. Butterflies carved from scrap paper. Above them the “past” white acrylic. The roof is decorated with lace. On top of the usual add green artificial flowers.
fridge magnet
8. Glue to the house-based magnet.
9. And finally get your unique magnet on the refrigerator)))
Create with pleasure!)))
Thank you, Asya
courtesy: liveinternet
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