How to make gentle heart for your lover

make gentle heart for your lover

Make make gentle heart for your lover, valentine. Heart is quick and easy. I left him just one day, and now you will be convinced that such a beauty to make the most in the cellar))



1. Materials to work, we need:

1- colors several small beads. I took a clear, white, white with pink and pink hologram

2 – powder polish (shining powder)

3 – silk double-sided tape

4 – Styrofoam heart

5 – crepe paper, tape or any other material for decoration

6. – a brush

7. paints tinting decor

8 – designer cardboard

9 – beads on a string

10 – pink beads larger

11 – white and pink beads on a photo there, but we need: PVA glue, super glue, fishing line, a silver gel pen or acrylic paint and a couple of skilful pens) )



2. Making Right do the wings.

I drew them in pencil contours around the gel pen, cut out and sent to dry on the battery. Meanwhile, from the pink satin ribbon flower do for our heart. . You can use crepe paper and any other material Spread details on the creation of flower did not – their weight in the network. And you can do it the way you want. I’m armed with a needle and line, folded ribbon in half and twisting it around its axis, sewed new coils at each other. That’s the Shanker I get them, we need 2 – on both sides of the heart. In the middle of the roses I sewed beads and pasted two rosettes super-glue on the heart. That’s more you can show imagination and decorate the heart with exquisite patterns. I started with large beads, taking them as a basis for composition. I paste them super-glue, gently pushing in the foam. I want to say that working with the foam – a pleasure. When large beads pasted in a circle, paste them smaller beads. Small and medium-sized beads are well glued to the slightly thickened PVA. Small beads I spread tweezers and felt like a real jeweler))) Before bonding, smear a small section of the PVA and put beads on it. The denser the beads, the better it is held and certainly not fall off. Immediately better sticking large beads on both sides of the heart, and then to use more than a small beads. After having been stuck basic elements, all the remaining space is filled with transparent beads that gives the heart certain “lightness”)) It is – the other side of the heart. I wanted to experiment and make them a little different. Now back to our wings. With both sides valentine I left small areas without beads, then stabbed their usual knife to a depth of 0.7-1.0 cm. Here we paste wings. Before we attach the wings to the heart, they need to decorate powder polish. This is done very simply – on the wings of PVA glue is applied in small patches of arbitrary shapes. On paper, we pour a little powder and to dip our wings on both sides, a little pressing. When the dust cleave, strushivaem excess on a paper. I powdered and decorated and satin roses on the heart. Up and down the center makes an awl, toothpick, scissors (anything) small holes, and paste it to a super-adhesive ribbons and beads. The side openings also paste it wings. And admire the beauty of the resulting)

21 22 23 24 25 26

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3. Photoshoot))

Heart was very photogenic and I wanted to spend even a small photo shoot of a heart in a box)

33 34 35 36 37 38

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