How to make gerbera flower from beads

Master class on the manufacture of their own hands stunningly beautiful gerbera flower bead was taken from the site of the beading Zoe Gutina. The original master-class from Moscow Helena Bashkatova here is: how do gerbera flowers.
To produce a single flower gerbera with your hands you will need the following materials:
  1. Beads peach – 40 grams
  2. Beads white (light pink) 10-15 grams
  3. Beads orange matte – 5 grams
  4. Beads brown (black) – 5 grams
  5. Beads salad color – 10 grams
  6. Round mesh diameter of 3 cm
  7. Floral tape salad color
  8. The core of thick wire 25-30 cm
  9. The thin fishing line
10. Wire
11. Needle Beading

Материалы для изготовления герберы из бисера своими руками

Begin to weave gerbera flower from the middle:
1. It is necessary to find the center of the grid.
2. embroider the darkest, in this case brown beads on a grid circle with a diameter of about 1 centimeter, passing a needle into each hole grid and hooking on the front side on the beads.

Вышиваем бисером сердцевину герберы

Skip needle through bead sewn onto the front of a number of extreme storonu.vtoroy tier midway gerbera beaded

второй ярус серединки герберы из бисера

Dial a bead and pass the needle through the next bead sewn (also in an extreme row). Similarly connect together all the adjacent circular beads. Dialed beads will form the second tier of the middle flower gerbera.

делаем середину цветка герберы бисером по сетке

Around the middle of one row for each grid hole type needle weaving beads three brown and one orange.
The next set of gerbera serdtsevinki built up to the previous. It is necessary to skip the needle through the two beads of brown color (the needle goes through them on the front side), dial the needle two beads of orange and peach seven.
Skip the needle on the wrong side through the same hole grid next to the column with brown beads.

8-9 третий ряд сердцевинки герберы из бисера своими руками

In the next row to pass a needle in a near empty slot on the grid on
front side gain five beads and five orange peach.

Последний ряд серединки бисерной герберы

Skip the needle through the first three beads orange and return the needle to the wrong side.
Similarly to make one circumferential row. Mid gerbera flower is ready.

Серединка герберы из бисера готова

Petals and sepals gerbera beaded
Leaves flower gerbera trailing in the French technique (arcs).
Petal (small):
1. On-axis gain of 10 beads base color (or close to it in tone), make two arcs on each side.
2. On both ends of the petal turns peaked, the required number of petals – 24.

маленький лепесток герберы из бисера своими руками дугами

Petal gerbera flower (large):
1. On-axis gain of 20 main color beads and make one arc primary color on each side.
2. For the second arc 2/3 arch dial beads primary color, the rest of the – white or lighter.
3. The reverse side of the petal to perform similarly.
4. On the third arc dial only white beads. On both ends of the petal turns peaked, it is necessary to make 24 of these petals.

Большой лепесток герберы из бисера сплетённый своими руками в французской технике

Bead green color to make a 7 pointed petals on axis gain at 7 beads.
Assembling gerbera
gerbera flower assembly of beads with your hands begins with attachment to the grid of the first row of small petals.
1. Push in the middle of the coming free holes on the grid to miss the two small petals and twist them together.

Прикручиваем лепестки к серединке герберы из бисера

2. Insert the circumferential more 10 small petals and twist them two by two (first row, only 12 small petals).
3. For the most circumference to insert the rest of the small petals (12 pieces) and also twist them two (second row). The petals of the flower in the second row should be between the petals of the first row.

Гербера с прикреплёнными маленькими лепестками в два ряда

4. The holes in the mesh insert a circle 12 large petals and twist them two by two (first row).
5. At the circumference to insert the remaining large petals and twist them for two (second row). Large petals of the second row must also be between the large petals of the first row.

Сборка герберы: присоединяем большие лепестки

6. Screw the rod of a thick wire thin wire to flower a few turns.
7. Screw the sepals underside to flower.
8. In order to keep everything securely, Screw the wire at 1 cm down the stem.
9. Screw spiral wire should be smooth, so that later it does not interfere with winding ribbon flower.
10. Carefully wrap the stem floral tape green.

Сплетённые своими руками из бисера герберы

Gerbera, woven with their hands Bead ready! They look almost lifelike! Work on Gerbera long and laborious, but it’s worth it!


courtesy: liveinternet

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