How to make Gerbera flower


Gerber can be made in different colors. Who else likes.


We need:

– 4 color corrugated paper;

– A pair of scissors;

– Wire;

– Yum;

– Thread;

– Glue.


The brown stripe corrugated 3×15 cm mode, the orange corrugated 10h30 cm, yellow 7,5h20 see.


Put a candy striped and twist. Yellow corrugated cut small otrezochkami 1 cm. Make Bahram. Orange corrugation cut into strips, but not completely, 4 cm in length, 10.8 mm in width.

конфетный букет

Threads secure the leg bud. Excess paper cut. On the glue plant a wire. Yellow corrugation scissors in one direction to tighten up the strip 13, the other turned in the opposite direction. Orange stripes … call it a day, cutting corners on each petals.

мастер-класс по цветам

The yellow dress on Gauvreau bud swirling fringe inwards and which passes into the outer winding. Orange corrugated scissors spin.


Dress orange petals on a flower. It is necessary to distribute the petals so that the gaps between nebylo. It will be three laps.

мк цветы

green wire.

courtesy: liveinternet

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