How to make greeting card with rose

Fantasy masters in the manufacture of cards is inexhaustible!

Here is a simple but at the same time stylish card with a rose made in the technique of figure cut out of paper.

открытки мастер класс


You will need a flower pattern, the author it does not, so I drew a)))


Cut out of a beautiful paper base with a shaped edge – the edge can be done with scissors and curly, and punchers for the edge – as you prefer.

With a sharp knife cut out the prototyping based on the contours of a rose. “Curl” edges of petals.

Cut out the template has 6 pieces with petals – from larger to smaller. Also, the tips of the petals curl. At the smallest workpiece lift up the petals, forming a bud.

Glue layers of petals on the basis – you have turned lush rose.

Wrap the bottom of the workpiece with a rose ribbon, tie a knot. Tie on a ribbon bow of rope.

Attach the workpiece to podgotvlennuyu basis for a card.


Postcard with a rose ready!




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