How to make hobbit house in the shadow of bonsai


A great lover of the art of bonsai and fantasy epic JRR Tolkien artist Chris Gaiz (Chris Guise), has created a miniature copy of the home of Bilbo Baggins, the hero of the book “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again.” Residence fantastic character, incredibly comfortable, but close in human terms, has become even smaller and located in the shade of a tree grown in the form of bonsai.Домик хоббита. Работа Криса Гаиза (Chris Guise)

Знаменитая круглая зелёная дверь и медная ручка. Работа Криса Гаиза (Chris Guise)

House Bilbo Baggins was no accident for Chris inspiration. It was there that begins and ends with the famous mission to save the fairy of Middle-earth from evil forces. This journey is the plot of the famous books of Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, familiar to many on the incredibly successful adaptations. In addition, Bilbo’s house – this is one of the brightest samples of home comfort in the history of literature and cinema.

Крис Гаиз (Chris Guise) за сложным процессом рассаживания мха

Самое начало долгих работ

Chris Gaiz began work on his work two years ago, modeled on Bilbo’s house in the form in which it was presented in the latest film version of the fantasy epic. He first gained the right tree and then started a long and painstaking work on his “dissection”. Bonsai Art – is a real test of accuracy and patience, because any extra action can result in death of the plant. Successfully deal with this part of the work, Chris independently produced every single element of the composition: miniature chips collected from the door, hewed from a piece of tile, each building block, machined from metal doorknob, sprinkled hill, and even planted in moss tiny cracks and crevices. To look naturalistic design, some parts had to redo several times. And completing this long and laborious work, Chris indulged in a little freedom, presenting, as it looked cozy home of Bilbo Baggins in the winter.
Домик хоббита и снеговик. Работа Криса Гаиза (Chris Guise)


courtesy: kulturologia

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