How to make the home-town of felt to play with toy cars

Today I will show how to make the home-town of felt to play with toy cars. The town develops in a small house, which is easy to carry and takes up little storage space. And it fits a lot of machines. This house-town – is a great way to seat active child, inspire his fantasy fun game.

But it looks like a house in the assembled state (30 x 17.5 x 15 cm):

фетр 2016

Type in the unfolded state (62 x 75 cm):

город из фетра

We need:

1. Felt green or lime – 10 sheets, yellow and orange – sheet 2, as well as other color felt in a small amount.

2. scissors, pencil, ruler.

3. Glue gun and glue rods.

4. Corrugated cardboard, ordinary kids cardboard, paper.

5 Stationery knife. You can replace a pair of scissors.

6. Super-glue ( “Kosmofen”).

7. Tape-loop fastener “Velcro.”

8. Small segments foamirana. You can replace the colored paper.

9. PVA glue.

10. Adhesive tape.

And, of course, you will need your imagination!

This is the basic scheme by which we are working:

– Black – the basic layout;

– Red – base piece of corrugated cardboard.

из фетра

Before you cut out all the details, try out of paper. Let’s see whether all the same.

1. Cut all the parts on the circuit and connect the tape.

домик из фетра

2. And also see the size of our house. Here it is – the height of 31.3 cm.


3. On our corrugated board draw a diagram, highlighted in red. Cut with a knife stationery and paper to seal both sides of the workpiece.

I glued the usual bureaucratic PVA. Important – glue applied to the entire surface of the board, not only on the perimeter. It is necessary to dry for about an hour.

4. First, the lines do simple cuts, but only on paper, cardboard, not cut. Slots need to be able to easily make the folds in cardboard, paper without tension. Otherwise, in the folds of the paper folds are obtained.

5. Now take a ruler, put it on the line below, and make the folds. As the inside and outside.

It is necessary that the house is easy to fold and unfold.

6. Cut out pieces of Velcro tape Velcro (rigid side) 6 cm – 12 pcs. Round out. Also cut out ovals

(Soft side) 2 * 1 cm (less than I did, but more is better – stronger than the walls will keep).

7. Glue the rounded Velcro on the side house on the 2.5 cm Velcro to the wall, as in the photo below.

We take a very strong glue. It can be super-glue “Moment” (I had “Kosmofen” use it for decoration).

8. On cardboard glue the felt – on the wall and roof of the house. From the outside the house on hot glue from glue gun. Be sure to sizing the entire area, not just on the perimeter (note the red arrow: green felt not adhered to this place He overlapping, over yellow This roof slope The assembled well decorates the house…).

9.Teper glue super glue Velcro Oval. But to accurately clash between the two sides sticky, we need to raise both walls of the house and examples. With each Velcro so we try on and glue.

10. All to seal with felt on the hot glue. We must work quickly, because the glue to dry for 5-7 seconds.

We pay special attention to all corners and edges of the Velcro. The blue arrows show the edge of the roof, and under it a yellow wall glued to the cardboard backing. Clay takes a lot. But the main thing – quality glue.

11. tucks up the handle that was not seen cardboard.
Also cut out the handle, leaving 5 mm for turning-circle, to hide the cardboard. Glue hot glue.

12. Now cut out the windows of the white felt. 6 * 8 cm yellow walls and 5 * 7 cm for the Orange. As well as round windows 4 cm in diameter. From bright yellow felt cut out a lot of 2 rectangles, 1.5 and 15 cm by 1 cm.

For round windows cut out yellow circle 5 cm in diameter and cut into 4 pieces. Glue the white windows. So, if the house lights are on. And a beautiful frame.

13. We turn to the inner side and begin to stick felt.

First glue the whole sheets of felt under the numbers 1 and 2. Enough length to sheet of felt and pens. Do not forget to leave allowances to 5 mm for turning-on the sidewall. Bends and pasted side.

Now cut out of the 4 sheets of felt items under numbers 3, 4, 5, 6. The size of 15 cm for the whole length of the sheet (30 cm somewhere). Glue parts only under the numbers 7 and 8! To minimize these details handy (3-6) in the assembled house (we do not stick to parts 1 and 2).

Glue the triangles under the numeral 7 and 8. Also, leave allowances for turning-in. Buckle and glue.

Now, in the middle part 9. I got 5 cm wide, maybe a little menshe.Skleila of two segments.

There were pens. Showing arrows. Glue them from the center to the edges, bending the handle side. All dimensions specified in the schema.

14. Cut and glue strips of roads 5 cm wide.

First he made a layout. The son came in and said that he needed to end

15. Now the most interesting – the construction of the town! Let’s start with the houses.
Size – 4 cm height, 6 cm width. The roof – 3 cm height. Big House – 6 cm width 8 cm height 3 cm roof.

16. The city may be any structure. We have chosen these sonny, who found in his town. The choice is determined only by your imagination. First, we drew on the paper and then cut out of felt.
Fire Station and Police – 6 cm wide, 4 cm in height.
entertainment Castle – 10 8 cm.
School – 12 4 cm.
Hospital – 10 + 4 cm 2.5 cm triangle.

17. Next, make the station – 8 to 4 cm, the zoo – 10 3 cm Bank – 9 to 4 cm. (Favorite building; he tried to stick).

And we decided to make a circus – 8 to 6 cm.

18. Spread our town. For a child it is the most long-awaited moment!

You can stick.

19. Now for greening the city. Cut trees and shrubs.

20. With Punch cut out flowers from foamirana. If not, it is possible and of colored construction paper. Sticking them all over the city. It does not matter boy or girl will play. In nature, there are always flowers.

21. Adding the lake. And glue.

22. And we decided to make road signs and traffic lights.

What remember such did. All eyes on, but not great, and the free space does not remain

Here can be seen the traffic light and turn sign.

In general, the idea was to make the town surround with these houses, trees, road signs and animals. But since the house is not the place where to store it, cost 4 garages for cars, which fit into the self-town house.

23. Cut a shape that’s out of the ordinary cardboard, folding and fastening tape. Have the inside of the garage was beautiful

24. Now cut out the same shape a piece of felt and glue to the house. As well as cardboard cut out the roof and it also felt glue.

25. Make a bend to get a roof. Glue the roof to the walls of the house. Clay should be a lot.

26. Glue the windows 1 * 1 cm. And here are colored garages we have.

We put them in our city. View from above.

And now a little on the side.

27. Now glue on the super-adhesive tape Velcro on the handle.

But how there is our house. Fold pockets on one side and then the other.

Then we raise two walls and fasten with Velcro, which previously stuck.
Inside the lodge climb all 4 car garage with mashinkami.Chto very convenient to carry and store

Our House is ready! Here he is!

Thank you for attention! I hope that is clear.

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And may be with you for the Muse of inspiration!


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