How to make “Ice Cream” candle

Undoubtedly, a candle in the form of ice cream a delight any child or even an adult!


For izgotvoleniya candles need:

candle weight white
orange color for candles
flavor for candles (of your choice)
ice-cream bowls for ice cream
Decor elements of mass candle – hearts, berries
ice cream spoon, which spread the balls
svechevareniya equipment – Thermometer, scales, container, whisk, fork, etc.



We begin with the preparation for pouring candle mass kremanki. Weigh the required amount for your kremanok candle weight and melt in a water bath. To understand the approximate number of candle mass, pour one kremanku water to the required level, and measure the volume of water, then drain and dry kremanku. Multiply the amount of weight on the number kremanok in which you will pour the candle and add a little “on reserve”.

The mass of melted candle add a dye and flavoring. The dye add a little bit – we need to get the color is not bright.


Install wicks heat the molds (hairdryer can be), and then fill them with melted candle mass. Do not fill them to the top, leave about 1 cm from the edge.



Now, while the base freezes, measure another portion of the candle weight and melt it. Add coloring and flavoring and beat the mixture until venchikm, until it becomes like a cream.




Spoon for ice cream on a plate balls.


Pierce the balls in the center.


When the mass hardens a bit, to shift the balls “ice cream” in ice-cream bowls, threading a wick directly through the holes in the beads. If kremanki weight considerably stiffened, you can warm up a bit before laying it on top of the balls.


Now melt the candle a little weight, it does not stain and does not aromatiziruem (some flavors may change the color of the candles, even without the dye). Beat it to a state of “ice cream” and fork lay on the beads with ice cream.



Garnish with candles on top.


The tips of the screw the wick on a stick, to get the curls:


Important! If you are using a candle wick will need to be cut to 0.6 cm. If you are giving or selling candles, attach a statement with an indication of the need to trim the wick.


Enjoy your masterpiece!


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