How to make jute flower

bleached burlap

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How to make jute flower


This creative jute flower gives blossom

jute flower (1)

And now a little bit to tell what to do.
Material: jute twine, bleached burlap, glue

jute flower (2)

Burlap cut into strips.

jute flower (3)

Because the strips pulled the strings, leaving only a few in the middle.

jute flower (4)
For this very middle, I walked the adhesive strip and folded in half. From yarn made of an elongated workpiece as am the pony.

jute flower (5)

Then attach the “pom-poms” on the wire.

jute flower (6)

It gives volume with the help of pre-cooked polls ok.Lishnee cut to form the likeness of the ball. The wire is wrapped with twine.

jute flower (7)
Dry brush with the desired shade I walked around the base of the bulb.

jute flower (8)

On the leaves of files posted. He removed them and a little curved. A can of green paint gave them color.

jute flower (9)

All I united.

jute flower (10)
And covered with varnish.

jute flower (11)

The base of the cap laid out in a suitable size container. I removed and transferred to a file. On this same horizontal plane and “tighten” field))) hands, gently curved edges of the cap and fix them to dry completely.
Then all the blinded one. And that’s what happened

jute flower (12)

Flower twine can be used to beautify things and are so simple to make by own

jute flower (13) jute flower (14)


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