How to make a Kaleidoscope for your child


To make a Kaleidoscope, child a toy for your child, you will need:
1. A roll of kitchen towel (23 cm in length and about 5.3 cm in diameter)
2. Cardboard with a smooth surface or foil cardboard +
3. The small transparent beads, sparkles is glass beads of different colors and shapes
4. 3 dska transparent plastic (eg they can be made ​​from the lids of sour cream, etc.)
5. Scissors
6. Glue-stick
7. Scotch
8. Parchment
9. Paper decorations

Step 1. Cut the cardboard mirror into three bands (length 21 cm, width 4.3 cm) Glue a treugolnoy prism reflective side inwards. Put into a roll so that on the one hand their edges are aligned. Step 2 will cut

Step 2. Disc of plastic, one of them make a matte using parchment (paste). Circles have a diameter of 5.3 cm. Put a transparent disk on the lens inside the roll and secure.

Step 3. Pour your beads on a transparent disc in the tube. Do not overdo it with the number of beads, he should pour in when the kaleidoscope is ready. Place the mat on top of the drive and secure with duct tape.

Step 4. Turn the kaleidoscope. To complete the kaleidoscope, you need to take a cardboard disk with a diameter of 5.3 cm with a hole in the middle. Glue the same size black disk on top to view your kaleidoscope has been completed.

Step 5. Decorate kaleidoscope as you tell a fantasy. Here in the middle of the cuff is made ​​from corrugated cardboard – to rotate the cuff can be twist in the opposite direction and a kaleidoscope picture changed. Masterclass translated and voiced with site

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