How to make kids backpack from cloth

kids backpack

Sharing a sewing class on the backpack, I sewed him a long time ago, before the friendship with the new machine.
Modelka very convenient and practical. Just the time to update the old wardrobe).

The dimensions of the finished pack will be established by craft class : height – 30 cm, bottom – 25×15 cm, width of the central part of 40 cm.

Materials for the work:

Linen for the main part – 0.5 m
Contrast fabric pocket and valve – 0.3 m
DDublin- 0.5 m
Volumetric fleece – 0.4 m
Glutinous crinoline or hard Dublirin to bottom – 25×15 cm
Backing fabric – 0.4m
Magnetic buttons – 3 pieces.
Leather strap and rivets – 3 pieces.
Eyelets – 8pcs
Lace – 1 m

Cutting parts (all parts are with margins of 1 cm).
The main part – 32h42 cm – 2 pieces
Bottom – 27h17 cm – 1 piece
Valves (interior) – 25h23 cm – 1 piece, 9h14 cm – 2 pieces
Carrying handle – 7h22 see
Straps long 10h80 cm – 2 pieces, short of the straps – 10h22 cm – 2 pieces.
Planck – 10 x 27 cm

From contrasting fabric:
The valve is large – 25h23 cm 1 item
The valves on pockets – 9h14 cm – 2 pieces
Carman – 50h14 cm – 1 piec

For the main part – 32h42 cm – 2 pieces
For pocket – 50 x14 cm – 1 piece
For a large valve – 23h25 cm – 1 piece
For valves on pocket – 9h14 cm – 2 pieces
Straps long 79h6 cm – 2 pieces
The straps (short side) 6h22 cm – 2 pieces
Carrying handle – 5h22 cm – 1 piece
Planck – 8h25 cm – 1 piece

Adhesive voluminous fleece:
For the main part – 32h42 cm – 2 pieces
For pocket – 50 x14 cm – 1 piece
For a large valve – 23h25 cm – 1 piece
For valves on pocket – 9h14 cm – 2 pieces
Straps long 79h6 cm – 2 pieces
The straps (short side) 6h22 – 2 pieces
Bottom – 27h17 cm

The main part – 32h42 cm – 2 pieces
Bottom – 27h17 cm – 1 piece
Lining the outer pocket – 50 x14 cm
Inside pocket 27h31 cm – 1 piece
The process of duplication

Osovnom linen of the duplicate in the region initially Dublirin then Fleece-backed.

Bottom duplicate beading, placing it at a distance of 1 cm from the edge, and then the volume interlining Wkra.

At the outer fabric sizing valves Dublirin and the inner part (linen) – interlining.
Carman (fabric with owls) sizing Dublirin.

The straps are long and short as two duplicate seals, leaving the edges by 2 cm hem.

Planck and carrying handle sizing Dublirin, leaving 1 cm from the edge.

All straps press out the edges inwards and fold the strip 6h79 see twice, get a strap width of 3 cm.
The same is done with the handle, it turns out size – 2,5h22 cm, and the strip – its size when folded 4×25 cm

When all the necessary parts are duplicated, you need to cut corners on the valves.
To do this, we add up the exterior and interior of the underside of each other and put the mark. On a large valve on a vertical wall – 4 cm from the cut, the horizontal – 5 cm.
In any form rounds off the edge.

On small valves note 3 cm from the bottom edge and corners

Next we need to make the marks on the pocket.
On the wrong side of the fabric duplicated find the middle and draw a line. On both sides note twice 2 cm line and also conduct. This will be our folds for volume pocket.

We connect the facing side of the outer part and lining and sew on the upper edge.
Turns away, press out and pave the line.

Now you need to make the folds on the pocket.
On either side of the center of the pocket through the 2 cm we put our billet in two layers lined out and pave the way line at krayu.Takim obtained internal folds.

On the second line (4 cm from the center) down the outside of the pocket up and also paves the line.
Before sew the pocket to the items of linen, we need to make cuts in the top of the main components, turning them thus trapezoid.
To do this, measure off on the upper edge of 2 cm, and on the side – 10 cm from the top edge of the main part. Draw a line and cut off the excess fabric.

Further our putting a pocket to the front body portion and the middle line is done by dividing into two pocket parts

Sew valves. Putting a face to face two of the valves and stitched by retreating 1 cm from the edge.
This large valve sew on three sides, leaving the top fully open, and the valves for the pockets stitched by the perimeter, leaving a leash for a small incision in the top of the eversion.

Gut-wrenching,paving decorative stitch.

Decorate valves.
On the small valves in the middle note 1 cm from the edge, on a large – 2 cm. This will be the upper point of the leather strips.

In small valves use strips of 6h2sm. Fold in 2 times and worn on the valve. Secure can be holnitenami or buttons.
The large size of the valve strip – 12×2 cm

Immediately install magnetic keys. On small valves at a distance of 2 cm from the edge, on a large – 4 cm from the edge.

We sew the valves and attach them to the upper edge of pockets lined up.

Set in the pockets of the second part of the magnetic key.
Now it is possible to sew the pocket on to the main part of the perimeter.

Putting straps.
Stitched by the perimeter of all the details ironed straps and handle.

On small pieces of the strap (3h22 cm) dress frame, and sew the bottom.
In the long strap is necessary to fix the controller. To do this, one end is threaded through the partition and its anchoring line.

Then the other end of the strap is threaded through the frame, taking it through the controller and get ready for a backpack harness with adjustable length.

On the back of the backpack Measure out 4 cm from the upper edge and draw a line down the middle of 23 cm.

Applies the flap facing up so that the intended line just got on line valve sewing. A is 1 cm from the edge of the valve
Sew the valve.

Then at a distance of 1.5 cm on both sides of the center clip-on carrying handle and retreated to 1 cm from the handle to be fastened straps. Fix a seam placement. I recommend to stitch several times this place can be a zigzag, as it will be a big load.

Now it is necessary to close the seams bar. We put it to the marked line and sew around the perimeter. Also, we make additional seam strength.
The last year and a half I fix this point already in the thick thread PROMKO.

Then sew the bottom of the straps with the framework for the main part of the bottom.
Since the bottom we will have a width of 25 cm, at the bottom of the back bottom mark the point sewing. From them back down to 1 cm inside, it will be a place sequin straps.

When the straps are fixed, you can sew the bottom. First, to the back, and then to the front portion. Seams do strong, the edges better handle zigzag stitch.

Then sew backpack side edges and the bottom, forming the bottom of the backpack.

Putting lining.
Initially we do trapezium shape as well as with external components.
Then pocket. Fold into the detail of the face so as to obtain a pocket 15,5h27 see. Sew around the perimeter, leaving room for eversion.
Otutyuzhivaem ready pocket, apply to the face of the padding, and sew. At the center of the paving line, dividing it into two parts.
In general, the number and size of pockets each individual can do for themselves).

Sew along the side edges of the bottom and sew, leaving one side open for further eversion of the entire product.

In our external backpack ready to face insert lining and stitched by the top slice.

Gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem finished product and paving decorative stitch.

Put the markup to set the eyelets.
From the side seam at 2 cm from the upper edge of the label set by 4 cm, and then through a 9 cm. And just as with the other hand. Total should get 8 eyelets. You can put more, backpack will be more uniformly to shrink as the wallet.

Now we have to put the second part of the magnetic button of the main valve. We fill a backpack and envisage the center location for the buttons.
Sutured lining and stretch lace through the eyelets.
If you wish, you can wear on a string ferrules and retainer.

Line can also be done on the pocket across the valve, so it still can be divided into two parts. I so often do, almost always). Here, unfortunately, is still the old version.

This form rucksacks I sewed a lot, changing the size and making some modifications.
So feel free to experiment and add their own innovations.

I know that sometimes the descriptions are too twisted, if somewhere I turned discrepancy – write. When sew dozens of such, it seems all prohibitively simple, so there is a possibility that I could forget some important points

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