How to make knitting mat


This method of knitting a very interesting and quite tiring, making it fun to knit large canvases. Bavarian binding allows from simple circles to make beautiful squares with bulky faces.

On the job you will need to:
• Colored yarn of the same value.
• Hook the desired number.
• Scissors.

Start with a long chain of aerial loops, recruit forty pieces. Then in the last loop provyazyvaem eight columns with nakida.

After a simple knit in the fourth column from the edge of the loop in the chain. Next, knit to end of the chain, such as semicircles.
Exactly the same half circles and do the other side, that we have turned circles.

Visually divide into four slices, each of which is obtained by four bars. Tie a thread of a different color and in one of the four periods of knit three air lift loop and four bars with nakida not dovyazyvaya their way down to the hook got five loops.

Then we connect these loops one, knit three air loops and tie descent polustolbikom to the circle – the petals are doing on the sides. Between rounds we were binding not four unfinished column with nakida and seven, and also connect them with one loop.

It binds all the circles.
Now, at the extreme petals in the central loop provyazyvaem twelve columns with nakida. The remaining petals knit eight columns.
So knit to end of row.

All of the following new rows knit yarn color, method and number of loops remains the same.

4121583_45435 (700x457, 98Kb)

4121583_5465 (700x387, 103Kb)

4121583_6576 (700x440, 115Kb)

4121583_getImage212 (700x440, 115Kb)

4121583_23323 (700x467, 112Kb)

It turns out that’s so beautiful and surround the rectangular rug.

4121583_56768 (700x474, 111Kb)

courtesy: liveinternet

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