How to make lamp from CD rom and plastic bottle
To create such a fixture will need: plastic bottles, CD-ROM, hair dryer, stained glass paint, gold contour, bright LEDs and a husband, to connect the bulb to the battery.
Their plastic bottles need to cut out the elements for the colors. You can cut out two or three details for each lamp.
CD-ROM is best to paint stained glass paints and decorate circuit. If you want, you can stick supermoment on CD-ROM rhinestones.
Hot air from the dryer slightly deform the petals of a flower cut from plastic bottles, then gold contour cut around the edges.
In the flower in the middle before circle edge contour hot sharp object Small holes for LEDs. Then glue the parts of the flower by inserting one into the other.
It should look something like this.
Plastic flower sticking to CD-ROM, insert the bright LED, and connect it back to the battery. You can paste this behind a small box in which to hide the wires.
courtesy: liveinternet