How to make Lamp with sponge Luffa

Today I want to show how I found an old lamp with a material a little strange, is called “Luffa”. It ‘a type of vegetable sponge which is used as an exfoliant, it seems to me more sandpaper; I was intrigued, but I have not even tried to use it, however, I found an alternative way to not throw it.
Here is the resulting lamp, washers seem anemic lemon slices, however the result seems good !!!!



First I rented as a salami, with a fairly sharp knife, trying to get the slices of the same thickness. Watch your fingers !!!!!!




I glued together with hot glue.503

To the extent that I needed, I did 9 rows of 4 slices each.




I then glued together like you see in the picture below.


I got a pretty flexible rectangular panel, in fact I needed a cylindrical shape to cover the lamp cap, so I needed that easily piegasse.504

I folded, I glued the two sides to each other and have created quite a cylinder.


I put on the hat was there before and this is over the lamp!


courtesy: centomilaidee.blogspot

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