How to make landscape in stained glass technique


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How to make landscape in stained glass technique

I will show the process of creating a landscape in stained glass technique.

It all started with the fact that my husband bought me a box with glass, for some reason, white and silver, it dalneshem and determined the choice of subject for her. “Of course, it will seascape!” – I caught fire, and when I lit up, do not stop me. The frame size of 30×40 cm.

That will have a copy of freestyle decorative variant landscape

stained glass technique glass technique (1)

A few words about the materials. As is known, the original stained glass painting involves drawing contours on the borders of the picture, and then the resulting “net” figure filled stained glass paints (drops of course, not the buckets) 🙂

So, I used the contours – Contour paste “Tair”. Extrudes a very thin line nonspreading, I really liked. In this work – antique silver and burnished silver.

glass technique (2)

“Vitrail” Stained glass paint. The photo of all three colors, but in the paper I use a lot of colors.

glass technique (3)

Brushes – Round synthetics (№3, 1), mineral spirits, toothpick.

Let us proceed. Showing up the start-up phase – application circuit (Figure put under glass, the edges of masking tape is fixed so as not shifted). I’ve worked in two shades of silver: silver, antique silver and blackened. In some places there could be a complicated detail, something which can be simplified, and there are areas where you have an intention does not pass the loop with the expectation that we will do it after work with paints (for convenience).

For example, there is such a plot – bottom right corner. During the work I will show step by step, as I worked for the town.

glass technique (4)

Now you can begin to fill with color. Begin with small houses, the basis for the white color, plus a shunt other colors (indicated by the shadow of the roof, sometimes bricks, and so on). Shadow home side darkens. Incidentally, the transparent paint Vitrail except white.

glass technique (5)

As I prosaic palette plastic cover. The paint take on the tip of the brush and you can just drop in the desired areas, or put the paint on the palette (can be diluted with white spirit can clarifier Vitrail to shade was lighter, or mix with other paints).

glass technique (6)

Then proceed to the green. I use green (EPL in Vitraile), lemon, yellow and other colors blend. Paint quickly begin to thicken, so you need to work quickly, but the time is enough to mix two colors on one site. The boundary between the colors blurred brush.

glass technique (7)

Crohn’s tree and the tree trunk. One can see the “spots” in the crown of a tree – made their intentions: did fill color and crude dripping paint brushes with spirit .

glass technique (8) glass technique (9) glass technique (10) glass technique (11)

The trunk of the tree – the basis of brown and mixtures thereof. For example, shadow areas: Brown + blue (cobalt), light brown or orange + yellow + and so on.

The last photo shows that I started to paint the mountains. As a result, I have them remade. Initially, they did not coizmeryalis with aerial perspective rules and compete on the saturated colors with objects in the foreground. In the end, I reworked them (this will be seen in the photos have been added later).

“I plant” flowers. I am working on other elements of the picture (roof, windows, stavenki and so on).

glass technique (12) glass technique (13)

It’s time to go back to green.

glass technique (14)

A theme-the sea! You do not remember? 🙂

Getting to the sea!

For a long time I lay here this paint, which creates the effect of corrugated glass, I decided to try to work out areas of water with it.

glass technique (15)

Nanoshu this paint and distributes its small palette knife, she initially milky, dries it becomes transparent.

glass technique (16)

While the paint dries, I turn to other sections – bridge, beach and others.

Bridge – brown ink + bleach; shady areas – a mixture of brown and purple, blue and others.

glass technique (17) glass technique (18)

Mostly I draw the shade (under the bushes, flowerbeds in the street, from a peg on the coast, and later will be by lanterns, boats).

The paint to be applied for the purpose of relief on the surface of water, dried and become transparent.

Mostly I inflicted on a white places where the foam formed from waves. A little brown + thinner at places where water lurks skoz sand.

glass technique (19)

And the sea … I only had one blue (cobalt), it is mixed with clarifier, blended blue + yellow, and so on, but not white, because I wanted to leave the effect of water transparency, and white adds density.

glass technique (20)

Mountains in the background, has issued this: very, very transparent layer, a mixture of cobalt and purple colors. Sky – cobalt mixed with white.

glass technique (21)

In general, all sites created with color, leaving the details. House, second from the left – there is need to do fencing railing. It is up to:

glass technique (22) glass technique (23)

In the photo you can see below, I worked contour these areas, as well as partitions in windows and shutters.

By the way, in the dry paint layer, if desired, may be applied to other colors, or enhance the color in some places. A kind of glaze.

Lanterns. Black paint I did not, mix brown + blue + purple, and then there was the shadow of the lamps (the same mix of colors + bleach).

glass technique (24)

And the stages of work on the fragment placed in the lower-right corner of the picture:

glass technique (25) glass technique (26) glass technique (27) glass technique (28)

That, ultimately, is what I got:

glass technique (29) glass technique (30) glass technique (31)


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