How to make lilies of red twine


How to make lilies of red twine

You can make the lilies on your own with the short period of time.

lilies (1) lilies (2) lilies (3) lilies (4)

Well, a little bit to tell what and how 

Just like always jute twine, looks very good. so a set of devices Standard: Jute (simple and bleached), glue “Titan”, scissors, a file, a paint (gold and white in the cans + gouache) paint, brushes, and coffee.
On a piece of paper draw leaves; Sketch in a file, and went to sculpt

lilies (5)

Leaflets rented a file, trim excess, and bends until to get a shape.Shpagat (as seen in photo) bleached is not perfect, but that’s okay because the paint will hide my flaws

lilies (6)

Then connect the leaves, petals in flowers

lilies (7)

obtained here are the soldiers here

lilies (8)

With glass panels create … umm … well … a plate or bowl … like anyone and convenient

lilies (9)

With conventional jute and green paint, I do here such leaves.

lilies (10)

Stamen of doing all of the same material + dipped in coffee.
When all the parts are ready, proceed to arrange.Kogda dry-cover lake.Zatem all connect on glue.
Well, that’s about all my steps

lilies (11)

Now just a little picture, so you can get a better look well, and enjoy it

lilies (12)

This is the gold version.

lilies (13) lilies (14) lilies (15) lilies (16) lilies (17) lilies (18) lilies (19)


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