How to make lily from plastic bottles

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How to make lily from plastic bottles

This lily has appeared at me for the birthday of a girl. That she- lily for Lily! Maybe someone of you will come in handy.

plastic bottles

We need: bottles, wire and a piece of thin wire thicker. Little beads and paint as desired.

lily (2)

Cut flower, pierce a hole in the center.

lily (3)

The pitch bend to the center and the outside edge lepestkov-. You can simply screwed onto a pencil or tweak the pitch, holding between a pair of scissors and hand.

lily (4)

That’s how it should turn out.

lily (5)

That’s how it should turn out.

lily (6)

Now begin to collect. Take a piece of wire about 25 cm thicker. 3 attach beads or beads at the end of the wire. (on a thin wire strung beads and fasten the end of the wire). Tint of yellow paint to the wire to be seen.
Make the stamens. Cut the 3 pieces provoloki.Na edge strung on 5 red beads, anchoring.

lily (7)

Stamen wrapped around the wire turns.

lily (8)

The edges of the stamens turn down the sides. We distribute everything evenly around the wire.

lily (9)

Dress the wire our flower.

lily (10)
Now cut out the leaves. Pattern flower and leaves make of the paper, and then draw out a felt pen on the bottle, cut out. Leaflets are made of different sizes, like this lily.

lily (11)

In the center of the leaves make a puncture. EDGE leaves melted over a candle and Bends them slightly upwards.

lily (12)

Collect flower. I took the green teip-tape, cut it into pieces of 7 cm. You can take a piece of paper, and then touch up. Drum piece of tape on the wire, and then dress leaf. The tape I greased with white glue.

lily (13)

Dress the leaves one by one, firmly pressed to the belt, so that they would not turn. First I wore a pair of leaves smaller and then larger. That flower is ready!

lily (14)

Prepare a bowl. The upper part of the bottle cut off, cut out the petals in a circle, their turn down. The edges of the petals is melted over a candle, to give them a nice shape. To paint from spray paint at first dark and then on top of a little gold.

lily (15)
In a bowl pour a little gypsum, insert a flower waiting when will freeze. That’s our gift -liliya ready for Lily!

lily (16)

I tried to make a flower out of a bottle with a lid. Simple but ugly. Suitable for garden decoration.

lily (17)

And this is a bunch of lilies of the three -. Red, white and gold
Thank you to all who looked for a visit!

lily (18) lily (19)


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