How to make marigold designs vase

That finished another bottle. Surrounded marigold is in my opinion it looks even better.


Then, of course, nothing new, but I still love to photograph the process of creating.

Preparatory work: primer black, pencil sketch, the substrate under the leaves and flowers of bright paint.

2827567_IMG_5929 (525x700, 295Kb)

2827567_IMG_5931 (525x700, 313Kb)

And now the fun begins, the actual painting.

2827567_IMG_5933 (700x525, 331Kb)

2827567_IMG_5934 (700x525, 326Kb)

I painted the two bottles at once, and then they in turn Opletal reeds

2827567_IMG_5935 (700x525, 336Kb) / 2827567_IMG_5977 (542x700, 201Kb)

2827567_IMG_5998 (700x657, 403Kb)

I wanted to pattern these bottles was different. Since the painting is narrowed to the bottom, I decided in weaving the bottom to make a few more massive, and so wove three rod.

2827567_IMG_5948 (525x700, 328Kb)

2827567_IMG_6000 (700x525, 330Kb)

Next pattern does not know the name. It turns out beautifully, only the edge at the turn of weaving in the opposite direction came not as nice as the previous one.

2827567_IMG_6001 (700x525, 303Kb)

2827567_IMG_6002 (700x525, 294Kb)

Finally, I got a tank for soaking reeds. Dry reeds long enough and brittle. And so I had to soak the ends of the first and then push the rest, as disintegration, like spaghetti in hot water. In this tank completely, they also do not fit, but all the same length shortens.

2827567_IMG_5979 (700x525, 207Kb)

2827567_IMG_6042 (700x478, 197Kb)

These are uzorchiki vyplelis as a result.

2827567_IMG_6051 (700x525, 172Kb)

2827567_IMG_6052 (700x525, 151Kb)

That is what I got, I was satisfied. This is the rare case when the first experience so pleasant.

2827567_IMG_6053 (525x700, 193Kb)

2827567_IMG_6055 (525x700, 199Kb)

Now this area of ​​his work’ll close, though just as much free time will allow. And one bottle now takes me two days.One on the list and another to weave.

courtesy: liveinternet

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