How to make modern art

modern art

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Hello. Here are my long-awaited and long-suffering giraffes.
First of all I want to thank everyone for their advice and assistance ……Although nothing special here and I did not create, but I would have thrown them all … .. well, or even more spoiled without your hints

Opinions were divided into two options:
1) to stick rings of different sizes, dry, white paint, and glue.
2) draw.

First of all, I began to sculpt the rings. But it is not right in the picture, and separately, just to see how it will be.

I came very rudely, and plus everything they had at the time of drying a bit deformed, so were the curves and inaccurate

Then nothing to do but to draw rings loop. Although I have not stopped thinking that maybe it’s worth to try to sculpt the rings directly on the background. Thank girasole2161, that dispelled my doubts and accelerated the process.
But either I have a circuit or the hand … turned very pale.

Around again, but it seemed to me that the pale. I became something where they paint on the brush, where a poke … tubes of different diameters. fascinated, shorter

25h36 extreme size, average – 20×64


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