How to make nest-cocoon for a newborn

nest-cocoon for a newborn

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Sleeping newborn baby – the main concern of young parents, and rightly so: in the first months of life the baby sleeps 18-20 hours a day, and during this period it is essential to ensure a comfortable environment for sleep and rest. A huge space for a baby cot can scare a newborn – he will be nervous, uncomfortable, ask for a hand, and it can cause not only sleep disorders, but also a number of unpleasant problem.Newborn – is perhaps the most cozy place for remains after mother’s embrace, which gives a feeling of crumbs of comfort, stability and protection during sleep. Nest Newborn, where you do not use – allows you to create such conditions for the baby that will remind him of the mother warm and at rest.

For tailoring, we need:
– 2 types of cotton, size 70 * 90cm
-sintepon 300 – 35 * 65cm
-napolnitel (I use aeropuh). Fold the fabric face to face. Pins to pin the pattern (I have a pattern of 2 parts: the middle, 35 * 60cm and bumpers). Cut a seam allowance of 1 cm

Please note down “sleeve” is indented 2 cm. Stitch around the perimeter of the indentation, and the lower portion of the cocoon between “sleeves”

The stitch is done at a distance of 6-8 mm from the edge

Places where the line does not do!

And here

Through one of the holes wrenched cocoon

On the perimeter, and we align the seam shear pins. On the front side of the paving line at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from the edge

It should look like this

Two sides of the cocoon

Take out the middle of a pattern imposed on the padding polyester mattress and cut out detail with an allowance of 1.5 cm (except for the bottom – it is strictly for the pattern

Through holes “sleeve” insert sinteponovye Circuits and centered. stabs pins

Paving the line, after causing the pattern layout on paper (I Disappearing marker that very quickly disappears, and marking on the fabric is not visible

You can do more, and horizontal lines, shaping the mattress (but without these lines he was not going anywhere

Insert the ribbon in the upper part of the cocoon

Rim fills densely filled

Stuffed board, sew up the hole manually


Tighten the belt, and our cocoon ready !!!

Pattern, which I took as a basis) I hope my MK clear. If there are questions – write)

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